What next for Frank Lampard?

If you play at an extremely high level you’re more often than not going to get a managerial job at a decent level.

That is a given for most. Maybe it shouldn’t be like that, but unfortunately it is.

That was the case for Frank Lampard and that has been the case for Ole Gunnar Solskjaer.

They weren’t handed jobs at Chelsea and Manchester United on managerial merit, it was because they are legends of the club because of what they have done on the pitch.

Their playing legacy rather than managerial experience got them those jobs.

But when it goes pear shaped, where do they go from there?

For Solskjaer, Manchester United stuck with him through his rough patches.

But Lampard, at a club so brutal as Chelsea when it comes to hiring and firing, hasn’t been so lucky.

The question is, where does it leave him and where is the next logical step for Lampard.

He will get a job, there is no doubt about it but does one season at Derby and a season and a half at Chelsea merit another pop at the top level right now?

At Derby he got them to the play-offs but he’s more remembered for mocking Leeds for spygate more than anything else.

In his first season at Chelsea you can’t argue with the job he did, steering them to fourth while under a transfer ban.

Then he was given over £200 million to go and spend and that, in the end, was his downfall.

Maybe if he hadn’t spent so much money or been allowed to spend so much in the summer, then there might not have been much pressure on him.

But, those big signings have flopped under his leadership and whether it is right or wrong, the buck stops with the manager.

He’s now out of a job but his next destination seems a little less clear than your regular sacked manager.

A top Premier League side won’t go for him at the moment, with his lack of dugout experience.

Will a mid table side in the top flight go for him? I’m not sure.

And he certainly isn’t going to be on the list of firefighters that struggling clubs turn to then they’re being sucked into danger.

The next logical step for Lampard is probably the Championship. Even going abroad to somewhere like the MLS, where he has played, could be an option.

We all know how much the MLS is growing and that could be a stage on which Super Frank could make a name for himself.

He was giving the job because he was arguably Chelsea’s greatest player of all time. You can’t blame him for going, no one could turn that type of job down.

But the way it has panned out may make Lampard reflect on future managerial decisions.

There is no doubt Lampard will go on to be a top manager again.

But he’ll certainly have to go back down a bit, before he comes back up.

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