If the European Super League goes ahead then the game as we know it is over

No one likes greed. No one likes a certain few ganging up to earn more money.

Money does make the world go round and that is all the plan for a European Super League is about – more money.

We thought we’d heard the last of it but the plans have still been bubbling away in the back ground and they reared their ugly head again last week.

This time for a positive reason – as FIFA, UEFA and a handful of other authorities came together to hit back at the controversial and outright disgusting plans.

Any player who plays in the Super League will be banned from the Euros and the World Cup.

A bold statement from the governing bodies and one that will certainly send shock waves into the Super League meeting rooms.

But as we have seen, they will plough on regardless and dangle the carrot of money and bigger prizes in front of Europe’s select few.

At the moment we are seeing the big clubs one by one distance themselves from the plans, but that doesn’t mean they will go away.

The Super League proposals are very much here to stay and those behind it will do all they can do make sure they get the best.

It could leave us in a scenario whereby players who are contracted with Super League clubs go on strike, because they don’t want to sacrifice the chance to play at a major international tournament.

We all hope it won’t get that far, but money talks and if it talks loud enough then the big clubs who are distancing themselves will soon back track.

These goings on are sickening at the best of times.

But when thousands of clubs around the world are barely breathing let alone competing because of the impacts of the pandemic, it just makes it even worse.

We have known for years those at the top get more money, and in a way good luck to them.

The top of football is a closed shop but some, like Leicester in the Premier League manage to sneak in the door.

We’ve accepted this principal now, whether we like it or not.

But to try and make themselves richer by stamping on those below them on the way up, is over stepping football’s integrity line.

Last week I scrolled through Twitter and it was all about the European Super League.

An hour later it was all about National League clubs not being able to afford to pay back loans being handed to them by the Government.

That’s the worst part. Club are going to the wall while some try to make themselves richer.

For too long football has accepted this but it has to stop.

FIFA and UEFA and other national governing bodies have laid down the first marker in fighting football greed.

But those behind the plans won’t go away and there is much more left to do.

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