Access to social media means platforms like Twitter can be ten times worse than the old terraces when it comes to racial abuse – companies have to act no matter what the cost

We take one step forward and about ten back when it comes to racial abuse in football.

We have all the brilliant initiatives of kick it out and other campaigns, but then we have a few mindless, worthless, scumbags who open up the laptop or turn on their phone and then it brings all that good work crashing down.

We’re in 2021, racism should be nowhere near British football or football in general.

But it is rife. A few weeks ago I wrote a piece saying Twitter is the problem with a lot of things in modern society.

And it is the problem for this.

We all know 99% of the country know that racism is unacceptable. But last week, the 1% took the headlines following abuse of two Manchester United players.

That was followed by an abusive message sent to West Brom’s Romaine Sawyers, which has subsequently been reported to policy by the authorities.

They will hopefully deal with the culprit, but that doesn’t deal with the wider situation.

Everything in the world at the moment shows that everyone has a voice. Is that right or is that wrong? I don’t know.

But what I do know what is wrong is the racial abuse of footballers, racial abuse of anyone for that matter.

How is this dealt with?

How do you stop someone going online, setting up a profile and firing abhorrent abuse at someone for the colour of their skin.

20 to 30 years ago that one per cent would be on the terraces in football grounds. Sometimes they would be outed, or allowed to just get on with it.

Trying to find a social media racist on the biggest social networking platform in the world is much tougher than throwing a thug out of a football stand.

The finger first and foremost is pointed at the individual who has spouted their racist slurs.

But secondly, the finger needs to be pointed at the social media companines.

The biggest tech companies in the world own these platforms. They have state of the art technology for just about everything.

Surely they can come up with something that can filter out these yobs and cut out this sickening abuse.

If it costs millions of pounds it would be worth it. One of these platforms, whether its Twitter or Instagram or whoever, has a chance here to stand up and take the lead.

To earn the respect of sections of society by putting their foot down and investing to take the voice away from these people and help to stamp racism out.

They can’t sit on their hands anymore. It doesn’t matter how much it costs, it needs to be done now.

It isn’t just racism in football, it is all forms of racism and it needs to be stopped once and for all.

Social media companies hold so much power and they hold power to do something.

Fans can quite rightly voice their opinion about a player putting in a bad performance, but when it leads to remarks over the colour of their skin then something needs to be done.

And it’s about time the social media companies stepped up and did something.

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