Beckham can dress up Neville’s appointment as Inter Miami boss any way he likes – it’s jobs for the boys

If you were the owner of a newly formed MLS club, with a big war chest of cash behind you then I doubt the first managerial candidate that would come to mind would be Phil Neville.

No offence to the former Manchester United full back, but he’s hardly the hottest property in management right now.

When it was first muted that Neville was under consideration for the Inter Miami job, a few people may have been suprised.

But then everyone knows the club is owned by his good friend, none other than David Beckham.

He’s basically sorted his mate out with a job and you can’t say there is anything wrong with that.

A chance to move to Miami, work in the every improving MLS and improve your quality of life is a no brainer as far as Neville is concerned.

I think the laughable thing is that Beckham has come out and said the appointment was nothing to do with the fact they are friends.

He insisted his former Manchester United team mate was appointed ‘on merit’.

Everyone loves Becks, everyone knows what he’s done for the game. But come on David, don’t patronise us all.

You can’t say Neville has got this job on merit.

An awful job with Valencia alongside his brother has been followed by a very successful spell in charge of England Women.

Results may have tailed off towards the end of his tenure as England boss, but I don’t think anyone can deny he did a good job on the whole.

However, you can hardly say he has merited being handed one of the hottest jobs in US football.

Neville could very well go on and do a fantastic job for Beckham’s Miami and I am sure he will blossom into a really good manager.

But there will be other up and coming managers and coaches out there who have done more than Neville, have gone for the job and then not got it.

They’ll be the ones who will feel hard done by.

On the face of this appointment, there is no harm in it but it does highlight something that is much wider in football and probably in society.

To some extent it doesn’t matter how qualified or experienced you are, if you know the right people you’ll get a chance.

My Dad always used to tell me: “It’s not what you know, its who you know.”

A great piece of advice from the wise man, but it should be more about what you know, it really should be.

Other sports have mechanisms in place that lead to coaches being appointed on merit and clubs having to explain why they have appointed a certain manager.

In 15 or 20 years time we’ll see that across the board, it’ll be more common place.

For now though, as my father told me, its who you know.

Lucky for Neville, he knows a multi millionaire who owns a football club in Miami.

It’s alright for some!

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