For three years Morda United didn’t even have a side – now the re-born and ambitious club has eyes on firmly re-establishing the famous old name

During the late 70s and the early 80s Morda United were ‘the team’ in Shropshire.

The yellows from Weston Road won everything and then some, and that side that played in the sleepy village on the edge of Oswestry are still talked about today by some.

But in the last two years, their ground has sat bare, unused apart from the odd youth and women’s game.

The once well known little club was no more. But a band of small volunteers have now come together to put Morda ‘back on the map’, to coin an old footballing cliché.

They’ll probably never recreate the successes of that famous side, but they’re prepared to have a good go and there is one thing they aren’t lacking. Ambition.

“It is going to be one step at a time,” insisted newly appointed chairman Matt Williams, who spent one season at the club as a  player.

“We want to re-establish Morda as the number one club for the people of Oswestry to play for.

“We have big ambitions and we want people to come back and play for the club.

“Morda has a proud history and we want to continue that.

“We are starting from a low base and we want to attract players to make this club a success.

“The club is ambitious but as I say, it is one step at a time and we have to see where the team takes us.

“We’ve got an ambitious team behind the scenes, we’ve got a management team together and we’ve got people who want to push the club on.”

Ask anyone around amateur football in Shropshire and across the West Midlands and they’ll tell you they remember Morda.

Ask those who have been involved in Mid Wales in the last four decades, and they’ll also remember the Yellows.

Now Williams and the club’s committee want to take that name back to a good level, namely step six, which incorporates the North West Counties League.

The ambition has already been shown through the announcement of Mike Barton as manager and the likes of Andy Webb and Richie Harris as new signings.

“We want to get to step six, that is the ambition,” added Williams.

“We want success in Shropshire and that is what we have to do first, we have got to become stable and have a good structure to the club.

“I am aware you need that first before moving to a higher level, and we don’t want to try and move too fast.

“Once you get the structure, the facilities and the team right then that is enough to progress and challenge in a higher league.”

The committee has been launched with a handful of people and Williams, who was formerly part of the now defunct FC Oswestry Town knows all too well how difficult it is to run a club at this level.

But the more the club grows the more the new chairman is confident more people will get on board.

And he believes the desperation of people to watch football when the world gets back to some sort of normality will be bonus for the club.

“I was involved at Oswestry so I know how tough it is to get people involved and for them to have the time,” said Williams.

“When I heard Morda had re-formed I wanted to get involved, and we now have a proper committee.

“When it grows more people will want to get involved.

“I think the last 12 months and what is going on has shown people want to watch football and local football.

“If you watch a big club you don’t have that affiliation with the club as much as you do, and people want to be part of something.”

Williams was part of a team of volunteers who worked tirelessly to get FC Oswestry Town into the North West Counties League, and they were challenging up the top when the league was curtailed last season.

Following that it was no longer financially viable to continue with the club and with no end to the pandemic in sight, the club folded.

Part of Williams’ eagerness to get involved with Morda is the fact that his fire for local football is still burning brightly following the collapse of FC Oswestry.

He added: “I enjoyed the break but I was so annoyed with how everything ended up there.

“All our hard work was decided by null and void and it annoyed me for a long time.

“But I wanted to carry on and get involved with something like this.”

Luckily not too many clubs have gone to the wall at that level at the moment, but Williams believes there may be a few more names to fall due to the pandemic.

However, at Morda’s level, he believes football will come back stronger.

“It is difficult and there needs to be a decision on the season, because sides at that level have invested an awful lot of money and for two years they’ve had no return,” added Williams.

“There is a lot of cost involved at that level and some have had to step back, and hopefully no one else ends up like FC Oswestry.

“Hopefully they can start a fresh in August or September.

“Around here lads are itching to play football and if clubs have been run well locally, they I think everything will take off again.”

Everything is in place now for Morda to have a real challenge and, as Williams says, establish themselves as the top name in Shropshire football.

And to do that, he hopes the club can start to once again keep Oswestry’s best players in the area.

“There is a huge potential here, that was shown by our crowd recently,” explained Williams.

“It shows that local people want to watch local players and that is something we want to provide.

“Oswestry is a footballing town but the majority of players play elsewhere and that is something that has bugged me for a long time.

“We want to get everyone back playing for a team in Oswestry, and make that side really successful.”

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