Covid-19 could help run of the mill footballers climb the ladder

Covid-19 and everything that has gone with it has largely been negative and damaging to society.

The health risks are the obvious one and you have to be an idiot to deny the harm it has done physically.

Mentally it has impacted the lives of so many people. It has destroyed economies, torn businesses apart and changed lives forever.

In sport and football, it has had damaging impacts that will last for a long time.

However, to a degree, there are short term and long term impacts from the pandemic that some will be able to capitalise on for their benefit.

Before the world as we know it changed last year, the money spent in football on wages and transfers had gone well and truely bonkers.

Not just at the top level, further down too and we have seen the impacts of that in the last eight months.

Clubs were on the verge of financial ruin until a rescue package was put in place. The money being spent by clubs, beyond their means a lot of the time, was becoming a joke and becoming dangerous.

Even with this rescue package, they will now need to take stock.

Who will that benefit? It’ll benefit your club employees who won’t be fearing job losses as much as they previously would have been.

It will benefit fans who won’t be worried about their clubs going to the wall.

But most of all it will benefit your run of the mill non-league and lower Football League players, and here’s why.

Clubs now don’t have the budgets to splash the cash, and in the case of League One and Two, they can’t after salary caps were implimented.

Championship clubs, apart from a select few, will also be in the same boat.

Covid has hampered finances and the financial impact of the pandemic will be felt for years to come.

It will mean clubs won’t have the budgets to go and spend big, they will have to be careful and prudent.

You’re probably still asking how this will impact your average footballer.

The non-league system and Football League talent pool is swimming with talented players, some, who despite all their effort will never be given a chance at the top.

Some will have all the talent in the world but a stinking attitude that will prevent them from achieving their potential.

But there are scores of players, past and present, who haven’t been able to climb the ladder because they haven’t been given a chance.

They may have not showed enough talent at their level to warrant a move.

But Covid, and the financial impacts on clubs could change all that.

Clubs higher up will now have to cut their cloth, which will mean they won’t be able to splash £5 million or £10 million on a hot European striker.

They may have to scour the home grown talent, look down the leagues, look at a striker and think, “well, he might not work, but we can get him for £75,000.”

That player, lets call him Drury, probably would have been overlooked all his career because he maybe only bagged 12 goals a season and didn’t look like he could do a job higher up.

But he could move up the pyramid and things would click and he’d become three times the player he thought he could do.

All because of Covid. All because clubs haven’t got the money to spend big and have to look closer to home.

There is a hope that clubs will look from within. Give youth a chance when previously they wouldn’t have gambled because they had a war chest to go and spend in the transfer market.

There are players lower down that will get a chance higher up and flop, that is fact.

But there are also players, who would have been overlooked usually but will flourish when they are given a chance.

That chance has come from Covid and the financial downfall of clubs. You may have to look hard for positives from the last year, but this might be one of them.

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