We’re stopping hugging during celebrations – shall we just stop tight marking at corners as well?

When football returned in the summer of 2020 players were told that they couldn’t hug or embrace in celebrations.

To begin with it was obeyed but it quickly ended, and slowly players crept back into celebrating like they used to.

Until recently nothing was said, but with virus rates going up and the country in a worse place than it was in March last year, the celebration warnings have re-surfaced.

The warnings have done little to stop players, who across this weekend have been hugging and embracing when teams have scored.

I get the advice not to do this, if it reduces the risk of transmission and all that sort of stuff.

But when professional footballers are still playing, isn’t it just a bit pointless?

You’ve got players grappling at corners, going into tackles, brushing past each other and coming into close contact.

And that is without the celebration advice.

So my question is, will banning hugging during celebrations really have that much of an impact?

If the rates of transmission are so high and the risk is so great, why are we playing football at all?

On the flip side I do get it. It doesn’t take much for players to fist bump during a celebration.

But try telling that to West Brom players yesterday in the Black Country derby, or the Liverpool and Manchester United players in this afternoon’s derby.

It just won’t happen.

We’ve taken fans out of the game which is very much needed because of what is going on in the outside world.

That has sucked a bit of life out of the game, but that is necessary.

We’ve added VAR into the mix which is arguably sucking even more out of our beloved game.

Now we’re taking celebrations out of the equation. We’re at risk of taking all the fun out of football.

I understand, as I have said, it may take some transmission out of the equation.

But if it is so dangerous, then why are they still playing?

Elsewhere, when it comes to Covid and football we have seen a few sides jetting off to Dubai in the middle of a pandemic.

This has caused a stir and quite rightly so. It may have been within the rules, but it is in poor taste when you’ve got all your fans stuck at home or in hospital.

The WSL players given the go ahead to have Christmas breaks abroad was absolutely ridiculous.

They were given the green light by experienced professionals and managers. Surely they thought twice about the reaction to it before giving it the go ahead.

And the Celtic issue was just even worse. They didn’t break rules but morally it was wrong.

It ran the risk of positive cases, and it has now produced them. And then it came with a flimsy excuse of an apology from their chairman.

How have these people okayed these trips? What goes through their heads?

And like a Celtic fan told me on Friday, Celtic have been poor at defending set pieces this season and it doesn’t take a training camp half way across the world to sort that out.

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