was number one for wild transfer speculation but you knew it was rubbish – with social media anyone can turn a rumour into truth

“Back then it was much simpler, nowadays everyone can be Jim White at the touch of a button.”

When penning down ideas for opinion pieces I thought I’ll have to talk about the transfer window as we’re in silly season at the moment.

The January window. The one nobody likes. The one where it is harder to get players than most.

You can be an average striker worth £6 million in the summer, but come January you can bang £4 million on that price tag and take it to double figures.

It genuinely is football’s silly season. Inflated prices and panic.

And you always get the flurry on the last day that keeps Jim White and his yellow tie in a job.

Now we are glued to Sky Sports News on deadline day, or more recently Twitter to see what the latest local reporter has on our club.

What are the rumours, where are they coming from, are they true?

With Twitter, as we have seen with journalists in recent years, any random person can tweet a rumour, make it look half credible and it’ll get pick up by some reporters or some news outlets.

That is the world we live in. It’s the same across society now with Covid and other stuff.

But it can be done now. If you’ve got a half decent following, which itself brings credibility in Twitter world, then you can make a rumour stick for a bit.

If it some how becomes true then you’re a genius, then you can pump out even more ridiculous rumours.

The line between real and fake in this era, especially in transfer windows, is about as clear as mud.

Back when I was in school (makes me sound old), the times were much simpler.

I’m sure Twitter was in its infancy and we didn’t have a smart phone at our beckoned call every five minutes.

But we did have the internet and what that brought was access to football websites and sport websites.

If you were a football nerd like me some of your lessons would have been spent on these sorts of websites.

For a period, I was fascinated with a website called, which, in modern terms, was a dumbed down football version of Twitter where the black and white between truth and fake was as clear as day.

You’d spend lessons on there banging up your own little rumours.

“Jermain Defoe spotted in DFS in Shrewsbury this morning, ahead of a proposed loan move to the Shrews.”

You get the picture.

Some were true, if you put up a something outlandish that turned out to be true then you were top dog.

But even as kids, you knew it was all false and it was just a bit of a laugh and a bit of fun.

Nowadays give a kid an iPhone and access to Twitter, he can bang that up on a tweet and it would be believed within minutes.

It’s a light hearted article reflecting on simpler times and funnier times, where these websites were plainly a load of rubbish.

But it brings with it a much more serious message within society then anyone can make something fake sound very real.

Back then it was much simpler, nowadays everyone can be Jim White at the touch of a button.

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