“There are two sides to it but sometimes you question whether we should be playing when so many people are locked indoors or in hospital” – Scott Quigley on how it feels to play football during a pandemic lockdown

In the last lockdown everything was locked down. It didn’t matter if you were a professional footballer or you were a cashier in a shop.

You had to stay at home.

This time things are different. Elite and professional sport has been allowed to resume while the rest of the world comes to a standstill.

Some top managers have questioned whether football should be stopped following such a sharp rise of hospital admissions and positive cases.

Oswestry’s Scott Quigley is in the thick of it at the moment, leading the line in Barrow AFC’s quest to climb the League Two table.

He’s in between when it comes to potentially delaying the league season, insisting he will just do what he is directed to do.

But the striker does admit that he does find himself questioning whether it is correct to continue playing in the current climate.

“100 per cent you question whether we should still be playing with everything going on,” admitted the striker.

“It is a difficult one with everything going on and everything we are hearing.

“You do think this, but then on the other side people say how much football can help the country while they are stuck in their homes.

“It helps with mental health and it is good for so many people, so I can understand that too.

“I can understand both sides, but I am in between and I will just do what I am told to do.

“Whether it is suspend the league, or cancel it all together or carry on, we just have to do what we are told.

“But you do question things in the middle of a pandemic.”

In recent weeks the EFL has been hit by multiple postponements in all leagues, which will cause a back log across the divisions as the season goes on.

But for Quigley, he isn’t concerned about personal health as he believes all the correct testing and safeguarding is in place.

“We have all the protocols that the Premier League have now, we are tested twice a week,” added the striker.

“It has been properly increased and we have so many protocols which is so good to know as a player.

“If there are positive results then your game is off.

“All that is the right thing to do from a players point of view.”

The reputation of footballers as a whole has never been great in the eyes of some sections of society, but Covid rule breaking has added fuel to that fire in recent weeks.

A number of top level players have been caught out breaking the rules in such a blatant manner, something that Quigley believes tarnishes all players in the professional game.

He added: “We all get judged the same by some people, so it does impact us.

“You’ve seen things from the likes of Kyle Walker and other players, and it isn’t great for the game.

“Someone like myself may have an influence over 100 young Barrow fans for exampke.

“But those players have influence over cities. If a city of young Man City fans sees that Kyle Walker is breaking rules, they’ll think it is okay and they’ll do it.

“The same applies to Jack Grealish too. And these things impact other professionals.”

Quigley and his Barrow side are back in action against Scunthorpe United on Saturday, after a 1-0 defeat to Southend United last time out.

That came on the back of an unbeaten three game run that coincided with the appointment of new boss Michael Jolley.

And it also saw Barrow’s star striker go on a scoring run of four goals in five games.

“The new manager has been great and brought in some fresh ideas,” explained Quigley.

“He’s changed little things, which is what we needed as a team really and it has worked.

“For myself too, its four in five now which is great. The pressure is always on a striker.

“If I score we’re more likely to get a result so it is nice to be contributing now, and it is just about keeping that going now.

“We’ve got enough in the dressing room to stay up and we want to continue with our good form.”

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