Football League legend Stern John will be remembered by so many – the striker is now trying to turn the fortunes of the second worst national team on the planet

Say the name Stern John and football supporters of Football League sides will immediately know who you’re talking about.

The Trinidad scorer was synonymous with a host of Football League clubs in the 2000s, after arriving in England to sign for Nottingham Forest in 1999.

John, now 44, plied his trade for nine Football League clubs in England, with his last stint coming to an end at Crystal Palace.

He will be remembered by Birmingham City fans more than most, becoming famous for grabbing crucial last minute goals in key games.

He is one of those former players that you’ll think of every now and and think ‘I wonder where he is now’.

There are many players like that. Many who drifted back into normal life, others who bagged top jobs and others who are still in the game but in obscure positions.

The latter applies to John.

After a stint as assistant manager to the Trinidad and Tobago national team, with whom he score he scored 70 goals, he is now in one of the toughest jobs in football.

He has been given the role as manager of Anguilla, a small British Overseas Territory near Puerto Rico.

There is only one tougher job in international football and that is being manager of San Marino, and we all know about them.

John’s new role was revealed to English fans last week through a feature on The Athletic, with the former Birmingham striker revealing what life is like managing a side made up of players whose day jobs are catching fish and repairing boast.

It isn’t a job for the faint hearted but one that, judging by the interview, John isn’t shying away from.

Their last result was a 15-0 drubbing for Trinidad, so as they say, things can only get better.

You may ask why would a proven former professional football who has such a great record in England would take such a job on an Island of 15,000 people.

John told The Athletic: “Because I started at the bottom as a player and made it into the Premier League and I want to do the same as a coach.”

And that was the case for John.

Like many small minor nations, John is looking for anyone across the world who has links to Anguilla through a family member.

The FA in the country have already been able to identify players playing in the English system who have a parent, or a grandparent from the Island.

They have been brought into the side, but in a bid to reduce the big losses, John and his team are on the lookout for more.

As he told The Athletic they are scouring Europe to find other players out there with links to the Island.

There are sure to be a number of players out there.

And we see this with other nations. Some of the success of Chris Coleman’s Wales side of 2016 was down to players with a Welsh link through a family member such as a grandparent.

But finding a player with a link to Wales, I am sure, is easier than finding one with a link to Anguilla.

But that task isn’t going to phase the former Football League striker.

If you were a Football League fan in the 90s or the 2000s then you will always remember the name Stern John.

But for the striker that is gone now. All he is concerned about is making people people remember the name Anguilla.

And, finding players who have a link to the Island. I doubt there are many out there who read this website and have a link to Anguilla. But if you do, follow this link and you might have a chance of getting an international cap.

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