Where would the Old Firm sit in the Premier League?

It’s an age old debate that some may say is pointless, because it will never happen.

There have always been people who have pushed for Celtic and Rangers, the two power houses of Scottish Football, to join the Premier League.

The last attempt or discussion on the topic was four years ago, but the idea was quickly booted out during a debate about Premier League B teams playing in the EFL.

I’m sure in the future that the idea will rear its head and people will talk about it again.

But the thrust of the debate has always been where would they go if they were to play further south.

Many Celtic and Rangers fans will probably tell you they would be battling for the top four.

For me, that is at a stretch.

They are huge fish in a small pond in Scotland. In England, that wouldn’t be the case.

The recent results in Europe for Scotland’s big two don’t make for a good reading and probably indicate that they wouldn’t be challenging for the top four.

Celtic have enjoyed some top quality nights in the Champions League but in recent years they’ve enjoyed anything but.

Rangers, resurgent under Steven Gerrard, are romping to the title this season and have supplemented that with a solid Europa League run.

You look at Rangers and Celtic on paper and they aren’t really near the top four or five in the Premier League.

They may get the odd result but over a period of time, I couldn’t see them breaking into that exclusive club.

Further down you have the likes of Leicester City, Everton and Southampton for example.

Are those two Scottish sides better than those outfits? On the face of it no.

I think there is no question that if it ever happened and they did move down south, then they are better than a few select Premier League sides currently in the division.

In terms of club size and stature, they dwarf some of the big boys.

But in terms of playing ability and squads, I would probably put them at mid to bottom half of the Premier League if they were to move in the current climate.

However, a Celtic or a Rangers in the Premier League would be significantly better equipped financially if they were in England rather than Scotland.

When that came in to play they would certainly move further up the pecking order.

And if they were to make the move, they would probably be commanding as much TV money as some of the current big boys.

Taking that into consideration, it wouldn’t take them long to be battling in the top six or eight sides in the division.

It is a hot topic with many different angles and many different opinions.

They are, of course, all hypothetical because it will never happen but I think many would agree it would be interesting to see.

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