When golfers lose their cool – five top angry meltdowns

When you’re playing well golf can be the best of games whether you’re a professional or an amateur.

It can mean a nice walk is turned into a pleasant success when you’re striking the ball well, hitting greens and making low scores.

However, it can also turn a nice stroll into a nightmare.

As amateur golfers we have all had meltdowns, slamming the club down, throwing clubs, breaking clubs etc etc etc.

Some people suffer this worse than others, but it isn’t just the amateurs that suffer.

Like we saw with John Rahm’s daisy cutting duff at the Masters, bad shots can happen to the best of us.

And angry fits of rage on the course can also happen to the very best.

Here are five angry meltdowns from years gone by.

Rory McIlroy – WGC Championship 2015

Rory was having a nightmare at Doral in the WGC Championship when a wayward shot landed in the lake on the par 5 eighth hole.

The Northern Irishman was so angry that he launched his club into the water, and it went a fair way.

It wasn’t something you’d expect from McIlory who has been among the top golfers for years, and that made it all the more surprising or entertaining, whichever way you look at it.

Anyway, the story has a funny side as a scuba diver decided to retrieve the three iron from the water the following day.

Sergio Garcia and his shoe

Sergio Garcia has a history of losing his cool at times, and this one is right up there.

The World Matchplay Championship in 1999 at Wentworth saw the Spaniard making his debut in the competition.

After a slipping on a series of drives Garcia fired one into the trees, and then proceeded to take off his golf shoe and launched it into the advertising haudings.

Then it was thrown back to him by his manager and he then booted it with the shoe almost hitting the match referee John Grant.

At one point in the round he threw his driver in what was a highly charged day for Garcia!

He has a history of losing his cool, with some of his clubs also ending up swimming.

Woody Austin – Does anyone have a spare putter?

Austin wrote himself into the golfing tantrum history books in 1997 when he took his anger out on himself and his putter.

Following a bad putt at the 1997 Verizon Heritage at Hilton Head, Austin smacked himself with his putter, breaking the club in the process.

Sure he regretted that one after!

Hennie Otto and his six putt

If an amateur golfer has a 15 foot putt, they’d probably back themselves to make a two putt.

At worst a three putt.

But when you lose your cool, it can get a lot worse as Hennie Ottie famously showed at the 2006 Nashua Masters.

The South African lost his cool and just kept knocking the ball past the whole from just inches away, ending up with a six putt.

This would have been an excuse for a club break or a throw

Pray for Bubba Watson’s caddy

The American us usually cool, but many people were remember this outburst.

After he put one in the drink at the Travelers Championship, Watson turned on his caddie and ripped into him for his poor shot.

It was so condemned that on Twitter #PrayForTedScott was born.

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