Is a football fire-breaker possible? Is it needed? Or should the sport just soldier on?

The question was always going to be raised after such a rise in Covid-19 cases among football clubs.

In the Premier League we’ve had three games called off in a week, one more than in the previous three and a half months of the season.

And in League One on Tuesday, ten of the scheduled fixtures were called off with other games also going to the wall around the other Football Leagues and non-league.

So rightly it has raised the question of whether a fire breaker style postponement is needed to quell the rise in positive tests.

It is a difficult one, not just because of the financial impact but because of the point of the season we are at.

The question was raised by Premier League managers after the latest round of fixtures and some have already moved to rubbish any such ideas.

But there has to be a balance and there are arguments on both sides.

If the continuation of top level sport is going to spread the disease and act against the country’s fight to fid these shores of Covid, then a fire breaker has to be seriously considered.

But like one pundit explained this week, it isn’t as simple as just shutting the game down for three weeks then starting back up again.

As we saw during the first lockdown, football needed an extended period for clubs to get their players fitness up before they could go back into competitive competition.

That would be the stumbling block in this.

But the league was delayed last time and we were able to shift things back, so if it did get to a point where games had to be put on hold then so be it, there are ways around it.

With the riches that come with the Premier League I’m sure it will survive, as will the Championship.

But if so many games keep getting called off in Leagues One, Two and the National League then there could be a decision to make soon.

And as we keep hearing, players safety is paramount so that should be at the very top of the agenda.

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