Covidiots should face bans and if club’s refuse to play with a just a handful of players out then they should forfeit the points

Everyone likes to have a pop at sports stars when they make the papers for doing something wrong.

It is one of those things that other people enjoy seeing. These ‘overpaid’ idiots drinking too much or getting into trouble is what they love to see.

A lot of the time they’ve done nothing wrong, it is just something people like to get angry about.

But this weekend, and at times during this pandemic, the anger and disappointment has been justified.

We all know how serious this pandemic is, unless you’re a Covid denier, and we all know the huge sacrifices we have all had to make in the last nine months.

So people quite rightly get angered when they see other normal people breaking rules.

But when its high profile sports people then it boils the blood more, and rightly so.

The Spurs, West Ham and City player/players who flouted the rules so blatantly over New Year, at what we’re told is such as crucial time in this battle, have not just disrespected those who have suffered Covid but also the fans that adore and cheer them on.

The clubs have said they will be dealt with internally. But one was named on the bench for Manchester City on Sunday.

The clubs will no doubt fine them, they should be fined for flouting rules like thousands of other normal have been, and they should be sanctioned by the FA.

This isn’t five bookings, or a late tackle, or an elbow. This is something that brings the sport into disrepute and could potentially impact on people’s health.

It is irresponsible and only fuels the fire of those people who despise footballers, labelling them overpaid and brats.

And the other Covid related issue is the amount of games that have been called off in the Premier League this week.

A few have been off, but the likes of Sheffield United had to be play on despite Covid cases.

It has happened in the football league, with some called off at the 11th hour and others told they had to go ahead.

One game at one club was called off hours before the kick off, whereas a few weeks later for example, Tranmere Rovers were told they had to play against Salford.

They fielded a young side and got a result at The Ammies.

And that is the point, with clubs having ‘squads’, and inflated ones at that at the top level, why are games being called off.

If a club has five Covid cases why shouldn’t they be playing, they have 25 man squads after all with others who can be drafted in under special circumstances.

That should have been the marker the FA laid down from the very beginning.

The FA Cup is taking that stance ahead of the third round. If you refuse to play because of some positive cases then you’re out.

There is no time in the fixture schedule for many re-arranged games, and by using this slap dash approach the governing bodies and the FA are leaving themselves open.

It looks almost like one rule for one and deal with things on a case by case basis.

If the spread and health risks are that great for one club to have games called off, then why is football going ahead at the moment.

If it is going to go ahead with no postponement, then if a club has a handful of cases then they should be told they either ultilise the big squad they have or face losing the points.

And as I say, if the risk is that great from one team then why hasn’t a postponement happened already?

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