England would be benefiting by banning one of their own who plays in another country – how is that right?

Kieran Trippier emerged last week as the latest player to allegedly step the wrong side of the line when it came to betting rules.

We’ve seen many players come unstuck with the betting rules and regulations in recent years, and the Atletico Madrid man is the latest one to get himself tangled up in the gambling web.

He was charged with four breaches of betting rules relating to regulations that prevent players from providing information to others on their position which is not available in public at that time.

It is believed to have happened around the time he swapped North London for Spain when he moved from Spurs to Atletico.

He was been banned by the FA for 10 weeks and fined £70,000 with the ban meaning he will miss 14 games for his club.

This weekend FIFA intervened to suspend the ban pending further information being provided by the FA.

But questions are still there over the original ban.

Basically he was being fined by the English football authorities and banned by them, a ban which punishes his club, that is in a completely different country to the one he was sanctioned in.

And at the same time he serves no such ban in that country, England, because there are no internationals scheduled to be played in those ten weeks.

How does that work?

Atletico boss Diego Simeone was quite rightly up in arms about it.

He stated earlier this week that the the fine was doing nothing but benefit England, which is where the ban is being administered.

My questioning of this, is how is this right, and how can it be possible for the FA to ban someone from playing in another country?

Surely if UEFA hand out a ban then it covers all leagues, but the FA shouldn’t have jurisdiction over other authorities and leagues.

Trippier had denied the charges he has had levelled at him but some of them were proven and Atletico are considering appealing.

But surely any ban should be served in England, so it should see Trippier banned from England games.

But the FA are banning him in a different country where they won’t feel the impact of it. It is bizarre.

And it could set a precedent, and lead to other FAs finding someone guilty of any old rule and banning them in the country of their club.

Whether Trippier has done wrong or not is beside the point. If the ban is not quashed and stands after this suspension there is only one big loser in this and it is Atletico.

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