Drury’s 2021 sporting predictions

2021 is going to be a big year.

People won’t be taking the smaller things for granted after a shambolic 2020, and we all hope things will start to get back to normal.

And, we have a huge sporting calendar to book forward to.

Huge team events and individual honours will be back to normal, and we all hope there will be fans in grounds to enjoy the entertainment.

Ahead of such a big year, here are a few of my sporting predictions. Most will probably be wrong so feel free to call me out on them when they don’t come in.

Back to back titles for Liverpool

Despite hitting the buffers in their recent Christmas fixtures, I haven’t seen anyone as good as the current Champions this season.

They sit top of the table but I think many will say they have got plenty left in the tank and another gear to go up.

It has been a strange season, but I can’t see anyone toppling the Reds.

West Brom will survive

This week I’ve said about eight different things. Up, then down, then survive again, then lose 5-0, down again.

I think Big Sam would have seen enough fighting spirit in West Brom’s 1-1 draw against Liverpool to think he can get the Albion out of the mess they are in.

That would have been impacted by the woeful 5-0 defeat to Leeds on Tuesday.

However if he can add the players he wants in January and sprinkle that on what is already there and get Albion playing, then I think they can stay up.

It is a big if, but Big Sam wouldn’t have taken the job if he didn’t think he could do it, and if he wasn’t going to get resources in the window.

France for the Euros

I think we could be looking at more French dominance on the European stage this season.

We saw them scoop the World Cup four years ago, and now I think they will have their hands on the trophy at the rearranged Euros.

They depth of talent and wealth of experience tops all other international sides at the moment.

They have the best squad, the best talent and for me they’ll make it back to back major wins.

European dominance on the course

Apart from the odd blip Europe have dominated the US in golf’s biggest team competition in the modern era.

Last time out it was a major success and although the European’s are on their travels across the pond for his one, the world rankings show that at the moment they have the edge.

And Europe have those players who turn it on when it comes to the big one. Ian Poulter for one.

Fury over AJ

To finish off this list of sporting predictions, I’ll give my take on what I think will happen if the biggest boxing match of the year takes place.

I know nothing about boxing and nothing about who is the best boxer.

But Fury is more entertaining, so for me he wins.

Glad you enjoyed the in depth analysis on this one, you’re welcome

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