Club accounts aren’t fan banter pages – the Carney situation could and should have been avoided

Not everyone will agree with what football pundits say.

That is just a fact. Some are very articulate and hit the nail on the head, and others just spout stuff for the sake of it.

But even if the masses don’t agree with something that has been said, it is not the place of an official club Twitter account to dig out a pundit.

Far too often these days we see official club social media accounts digging people out for something they’ve said in opposition to their club.

They’ve goaded other clubs and hit back at some things said by pundits in the media.

And in turn, as we have seen with some of the absolutely vile comments on social media over the last two days towards Karen Carney, invited a mass pile when a pundit is just doing their job.

This article isn’t about whether you agree or disagree with that was said.

And in a way it isn’t just a swipe at Leeds United for putting out something that would obviously invite everyone to go at Karen Carney with such disgust.

This has been happening more and more.

Clubs try to almost act like those fans on the banter pages, and a large majority of the time it has probably for increased likes, mentions and impressions.

I’m all for quirky videos and big transfer reveals (although I do miss the old fashioned scarf above the head).

But these types of comments, ones that we have been seeing more and more in the modern era, are unacceptable.

On the face of it it may be funny, but it throws a can of petrol on the already lit fire that is social media.

Fans will say derogatory things on social media regardless and unless the companies clamp down on the abuse it will continue.

But when something like this happens and more people are pointed in the direction of something, you can times the disgusting and disgraceful comments by five.

It isn’t the place of a club social media account to come out and publicly go at a pundit.

If a manager takes offence to something a pundit says and references it in a press conference for example, that is one place for it.

Fans pay to watch these games and they have a right to express and opinion on whether they agree with a pundit’s observation or not.

But something like this, coming straight from an official club account has never sat well with me.

That type of stuff from Leeds would have been better aimed from a fan page or a fanzine, but not an official club account.

The one thing I questioned after the whole debacle is who signed this tweet off?

Was it a young intern or a head of communications or a top press officer? If it was then I don’t think they have stopped to think about it before hand.

I’ve worked in the media and I know the type of stick the media get, and at times people in the media do deserve to be critisised.

If you’re in the public eye and you are passing judgement you are there to be shot down, there is no question about that.

But a club inviting a mass pile on and a mass kicking of a pundit doing their job and expressing an opinion is not acceptable.

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