The more the gap to the top widens the more sides will play like Big Sam’s Albion did the other night against the big boys

We can blame the pandemic for everything can’t we. Anything has gone wrong in the last year, or that will go wrong in the coming months.

Who’s fault was that? Pandemic mate.

As I’ve said countless times in recent weeks, the full impact of the pandemic on football is still yet to be felt.

The main hit will be financially and that will undoubtedly trickle down to other things.

It will hit everyone who isn’t in that huge bubble at the top of the Premier League.

Their money isn’t being impacted really. Yes they have no ticket sales, but as studies show the big boys make profits year after year before ticket sales are even factored in.

Whereas you look further down, clubs like Burnley and West Brom are already having to cut their cloth accordingly.

In the case of the latter, they spent next to nothing compared to other clubs higher up the division in the summer, and they are where they are because of that. Burnley too.

They played like they did at Anfield the other night, with a 6-4-0 formation in the first half because they didn’t add enough quality to their squad to be able to go and attack Klopp’s men.

That isn’t just Albion. Even Spurs didn’t go and match the Champions up and got battered in the press for sitting back.

Anyway, my point is Albion sat back and played like they did because personnel wise, as everyone could see, any other tactic would probably have seen them pumped five zip.

So they played like they did because of their inferior quality and snatched a point, and I think the word snatched is probably over doing it given the second half display.

Anyway, the point I’m try to make is, that the financial restrictions some clubs further down the league are facing will only get tougher.

Whereas the so called big teams, with the bigger slice of the TV money and all the rest of their revenue, will not be impacted and will even be able to improve.

The gap then gets bigger, and more teams are forced to go and park the proverbial bus because they are facing the world’s best with mediocre players.

So those moaning about the way Big Sam went and set up at Anfield to grab a point – get used to it, because you could well be seeing it a lot more in the coming years and not just from Big Sam’s men.

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