Women’s Super League TV deal will give the sport a massive boost – and open people’s eyes to its quality

In amongst all the stories of Covid, VAR, and the big clubs this week there was another breaking story about how the women’s game in England is set to be transformed.

The women’s game, with the Super League and the FA Championship is now streets ahead of what it was a few years

The top division is fully professional with a handful of teams in the second tier also full time.

The games are on TV more regularly, attendance figures have soared, viewing figures have doubled in the last three years and some of the top US players are now coming to England.

Now, the BBC and Sky Sports have agreed a deal that will see a huge increase in the amount of women’s football on fee to air TV.

The rights have been split between the two broadcasters, with BT Sport, who currently televise some games, missing out.

The deal will be finalised in the New Year and will start from next season.

It is going to provide not just a massive financial boost to the game, but also increase the popularity of one of the fastest growing sports in the country.

The standard, contrary to the opinion of arm chair football fans has improved massively in recent seasons.

And the arrival of the best from the US will only work to fuel that even further.

The impact the likes of Tobin Heath are having at Manchester United shows how far the league has come.

And I think the biggest positive what will come out of this deal is the fact it will change people’s perceptions of the women’s game.

How many times do we hear, “they’re rubbish,” and “it’s awful to watch.”

That certainly isn’t the case these days and now millions of people are going to see that.

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