VAR resembles modern society’s obsession with perfection

Before the Boxing Day games even kicked off we knew there would be controversy.

It is an absolute banker that there will be a clanger every weekend.

In fact, betting firms should be offering odds on a VAR ballsup in games, when it will happen and where at.

That’s just the way football is now, and at the moment we are having to accept it.

Just as we think they’ve mastered it, they pull out a cock up in the same game.

It has coincided with that many rule changes and it just smacks of football striving to be perfect.

Much like we are told we have to be in modern society in this day and age.

Everything has to be perfect. We have to eradicate things in the past, we have to ban that, we have to move that and re-name that.

That is what we are told today and the modern generation think that is the way things have to be.

Just because one person gets upset by something we have to get rid of it.

That’s almost like what VAR is like. Oh we don’t want to make that decision in case we upset someone, so we’ll go and have a look at it.

We are debating refereeing decisions more than we ever have, so VAR isn’t serving its purpose to improve the quality of decision making.

It is, without doubt making it worse.

Like I said a few weeks ago, it is giving seasoned professional referees the chance to get more decisions wrong.

If they get a decision wrong through VAR, they arguably look even worse.

People are saying the standard of referees is the problem. Nonsense, this issue is down to VAR.

It has taken the fun out of the game, and it will continue to suck more life out of it.

In one way I hope there are a massive amount of bad decisions between now and the end of the season and the authorities are forced into changes.

I’m sure more wrong decisions will only fuel their desires to keep with it and keep tweaking the rules.

Was football really that bad before technology and a mass of rule changes?

No it wasn’t. What do they say, if it ain’t broke don’t fix it? Well, it wasn’t broke.

And what’s the other saying, nothing is perfect?

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