Merry Christmas and thanks to all the readers

2020 has been god awful year.

The highlight of it all has got to be West Brom’s promotion back to the Premier League, I’m sure you’ll all agree?

It hasn’t been great but what we have seen is the tremendous community spirit in this country.

We’ve seen the best in people and how others are willing to go the extra mile and help people.

And we’ve seen, more than ever how sport can not only lift people but how it can inspire people.

Having football and other sports back on our TV screens after the first lockdown gave the country a whole lift and it showed the real power that sport can have.

And I hope the 100 odd articles that I’ve produced over the last six months have given people something to enjoy and read while they’ve been confined to their homes at times.

I launched this website just as something to do back in July while I was in between jobs.

But it has grown legs now and I’m delighted with how it has developed and grown to the point where I hit the 20,000 views mark just before Christmas.

It doesn’t sound a lot but I’m delighted to reach that mark producing just two articles a day.

So I’d like to thank everyone who has liked, subscribed, commented and viewed all the articles over recent months.

I’ve tried to make it a blend of local sport and some bigger names, and in the New Year I am hoping to increase that even more and give you all more content to take a look at.

It’s been a rubbish year but we all hope 2021 will be better and I’m sure it will.

I hope everyone has a brilliant Christmas despite the circumstances and I hope you all have a great New Year.

Thank you!


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