Grey strips, balls, wind, dry grass, small Scots and a lack of ball boys – Six of the most embarrassing excuses football managers have come out with

Everyone likes to find somewhere else to blame.

Admitting you were wrong or admitting defeat comes naturally to some people, but others would rather do anything but.

Usually it is the top managers in football. They don’t like loosing, no one does, but they love winning and they are winners.

That’s probably why they are the main culprits.

So here are six of the best to lighten your mood and give you a laugh.

Pep and his Mitre ball

Manchester City manager took making excuses to a very high level a few years ago when his side beat Wolves on penalties in the Carabao Cup.

The former Barca man claimed that the Mitre ball used in the League Cup competition was ‘unacceptable for high level competition’.

He believed the goalless draw was down to the standard of the ball.

He was quoted as saying: “It is too light, it moves all over the place, it is not a good ball. It is impossible to score with a ball like that and I can say that because we won, I’m not making excuses.”

Well, I think you are making excuses Pep.

Where are the ballboys?

Wouldn’t be a list of excuses without a bit of Jose would it.

2011 was one of his best. After a cup loss to Barcelona he blamed the defeat on a lack of ball boys.

Yes you read it right.

His issue with ball boys came full circle last year though, as one acted as a 12th man for his Spurs side on a Champions League win.

‘Get that kit off’

Fergie’s another good one for excuses, so he couldn’t be missed off.

United were losing at The Dell against Southampton in 1996 when his side were famously ordered to change strips at half time by the Scot.

The grey kit made it hard for the players to see each other according to Sir Alex.

His side came out for the second half 3-0, but buoyed by the fact they were now in a change of strip.

It didn’t work though. They lost 3-1.

Original excuse though as excuses go.

The St Andrews curse

As excuses go, this one is up their.

Barry Fry claimed his Birmingham City side were struggling for form because the ground was cursed.

He then attempted to get rid of what he claimed was a gypsy curse but urinating in all four corners of the pitch.

They had gone three months without winning, then after Fry’s escapades in the four corners form picked up.

But then he was sacked. So it didn’t work after all.

Size doesn’t matter

Genetics were against Scotland when they failed to qualify for the Russia World Cup in 2018.

That is according to boss Gordon Strachan.

Their failure was because the Scots were genetically behind other countries and they were one of the smallest teams.

Don’t think he was briefed on the fact there was a small team than Scotland during that period.

Spain. And look what they did.

Wind, grass, anything else?

The statistics don’t lie, Jurgen Klopp is the best manager in England at the moment.

And if the last few years are anything to go by, he’d be at the top of the excuses table as well.

In 2017 we had the ‘too windy’ comment when his side lost at Southampton.

When he lost 3-2 to West Brom in January 2018, apparently the broadcasters cut the game short.

Then when Albion nicked a point off him in later that year, the pitch was ‘too dry’.

There was another ‘too windy’, and a ‘too snowy’ after that as well.

It’s the same for both sides Jurgen.

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