Some sides will have around 30 games left going into mid February and if we face another lockdown it could spell the end of the season – but could there be an alternative

Grass roots and amateur football is in a bit of a sticky situation at the moment.

It is even stickier depending which part of the country or which tier you currently sit in.

In looks like we’re getting to that tipping point where leagues are either going to falter and slip away, or schedules will have to be tightly packed to get anywhere near finishing campaigns.

That time will come I am sure in the next month or so in England.

It is a difficult one.

For clubs in the Salop Leisure League in Shropshire things are looking okay with the league up and running.

And for the other county sides playing at a higher level, they to saw their fixture list resume again this week.

But after the news this weekend of new tiers and cancellations and whatever else the Government has conjured up at the 11th hour, we could well face another lockdown in the new year.

That would certainly leave amateur football in a difficult spot.

Some clubs would have 30 odd games to finish going into a lockdown, something that simply wouldn’t be possibly coming out of the other side.

So if that does occur, is there a chance for County FA’s to bring things a bit closer to home in England.

If it was to be the case and clubs were left with stacks of games that simply couldn’t be fitted in by July let alone May, localised competitions may be the way forward.

For example in Shropshire, one of competition comprising of the Shropshire League clubs, as well Ellesmere, St Martins, Whitchurch, Haughmond and even Market Drayton would make for interesting viewing.

It would cut the travelling and risk of spread for those sides who go to far flung places in the North West currently.

And it would also help the local clubs in county leagues if they were to see their seasons curtailed.

I think it would very much be something to consider if we were left in a situation where we’re in another lockdown with a back log of games.

I can’t take all the credit for this, the bones of the idea did come from a conversation I had a few weeks ago.

But it may be an alternative.

Over the border its a different story. Football to an extent at lower levels is already local, but they’ll have to dance to First Minister Mark Drakeford’s tunes before any decisions are made.

But certainly in Shropshire and across countries, an in house one off competition could bring a little bit of footballing normality if things do continue to get worse.

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