If Shrewsbury have Championship ambitions then they’ve got the right man at the helm

In an article earlier this week I spoke about levels and fans knowing what level they’re at.

When it comes to Shrewsbury Town, for a club of their size, they are probably at their level in League One at the moment.

There is nothing wrong with having ambition on one hand, but on the other hand there has to be some realism.

But for Salop fans now, with the appointment the club has made, they may soon have the opportunity to see that ambition in action.

When the club sacked Sam Ricketts a few weeks ago, there weren’t many people they could have brought in that could possibly take them one further than Paul Hurst did.

But in Steve Cotterill they could have a man who has the potential to take them to the lofty heights not seen for decades.

I didn’t see a lot of Salop under Ricketts, but I have seen the majority of the home games under Cotterill.

And what I have seen so far will bode well for Shrewsbury fans this year.

I’d say its pretty much a banker for them to stay up this season with such an experienced manager at the helm.

Arguably their attacking options are among the best in the division, it is at the other end where they have been suspect.

A few weeks ago I said to someone that I wouldn’t put it past Cotterill taking Salop up or being in the cusp of it within three years.

I still stick by that. I don’t think they could have appointed a better manager when they gave Ricketts the bullet.

He has proven success of promotions within the Football League, knows what it takes and is a winner at this level.

He has a good quality squad there, one that shouldn’t really be down the bottom of the table.

It’s a bold statement, but it isn’t beyond the realms of possibility.

Football, especially in the EFL, will arguably get weaker because of the pandemic and the impact on finances.

Shrewsbury have always done very well at competing within their means financially.

That, coupled with their experienced Football League leader could be a recipe for success.

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