Albion fans thinking they’re above Big Sam are plain snooty – if he keeps them up no one will care what brand of football he plays

Anger, frustration, bemusement, sadness. They were just the four emotions I felt on Tuesday evening when The Telegraph published the news that Slaven Bilic was heading for the sack.

Then the news it was Big Sam Allardyce who was heading to The Hawthorns on a rescue mission, like something you used to see on Thunderbirds.

What struck me and what struck me after the Newcastle defeat Albion suffered last week was how very snooty and above themselves some fans can be.

This isn’t just Albion fans.

Let me explain. After a tweet of mine was picked up I was bombarded with Albion fans calling me negative and not ambitious enough for saying Bilic shouldn’t be sacked.

That is another point.

You then had fans saying who they wanted. One even said Rafa Benitez. I almost quit social media there and then.

But the hate and disgust coming out towards the suggestion of Big Sam was just something else.

Little did those fans know what was going to happen just a few days later.

Anyway, the negativity has ramped up ten fold since then on message boards and Twitter threads. The anti Big Sam brigade may say that’s ironic considering his negative brand of football.

What still strikes me is the fact fans think we’re above a manager of Big Sam’s calibre.

I’ve always said this. West Brom is not a big club. We’re a famous old club, with traditions and values.

Ask a neutral fan and they’ll only say good things about the Albion (maybe not Wolves fans).

We’re a good club that has punched well above its weight in the last ten years, eight of which were spent in the Premier League.

But for what we are, we do pretty well.

We thought the club would have the resources after the Lai takeover, but he hasn’t put the money in and we have to live with that.

But we aren’t a big club who can go out and grab these marquee managers. On the pitch currently, we have a Championship standard side really.

A top Championship side, but a Championship one nonetheless.

So anyone who thought we were going to take over the league this season and do a Sheffield United had their head in the sand throughout the summer.

And anyone who thought we were above Big Sam for me has an air of arrogance about them.

His record speaks for itself. If anyone can get Albion out of this, he can.

Other comments are about his negative brand of play. I’m sorry, but if he gets the results by putting himself up front I don’t care.

We need results and we need them quick. You can’t be choosy about what you want and don’t want.

But to be fair to Big Sam, when he’s had flair players at the clubs he has been at then he has used them.

And he has flair players at The Hawthorns and he will need to use them to get Albion out of this.

It is a short term fix, that if it works, will go something like this, we hope.

Albion stay up, Lai sells the club, we get the investment in and kick on whether that be under the stewardship of Big Sam or someone else.

The only negative thing for me to come from the appointment as it shows there is no plan for Albion.

Under Jeremy Peace and Dan Ashworth we were spoiled, especially with the latter.

Recruitment and planning were spot on, we were organised off the pitch.

That seems to have fallen away now, however the club is still on a sound financial footing, and that is some accolade for clubs of our size in the current climate.

If Big Sam keeps us up, the doubters will disappear, not that he cares about them doubters.

We’ve got the best man for Premier League rescue missions, and if fans think West Brom are bigger than that man, then they are deluded.

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