Football Docs – Some easy and hilarious viewing to add to your Christmas schedule

Access. That is what fans want more than ever these days.

They want behind the scenes access. Until the recent wave of documentaries in football access was more restricted than ever.

Even for the press, never mind the fans.

But the new wave of behind the scenes, access all area programmes have opened a new door for fans to peak through.

They aren’t new. You had the England one under Graham Taylor in the 90s that came in for heavy critisism.

There have been more, but the modern access takes it up another notch.

So here are five football documentaries, both past and present, that you can sink your teeth into over the festive period, if you’re bored of watching Elf for the eighth time.

All or Nothing: Tottenham HotspurAMAZON PRIME VIDEO

Probably the most obvious and most recent one to come out of the bag.

The documentary, charting Spurs’ first season in their new ground and the beginning of the Mourinho era is eye opening.

Slam a pandemic in there and you’ve got some pretty dramatic viewing.

For all the access to playing and training, its the way Mourinho acts and carries himself that is probably the most interesting aspect for many football fans.

A divisive character who has mellowed down the years, gives you a glimpse of what he is really like.

His attention to detail, his skill and his funnier side are all hits in the documentary.

It is a real modern day look at a modern day football club.

The Manchester City Amazon documentary is again another that is along similar lines. I look behind the curtain not only at a big club, but the workings of a master tactician.

Four Year Plan: Queens Park Rangers – AMAZON PRIME VIDEO

If you want a laugh and a lesson in how not to run a football club, then watch this.

The Four Year Plan charts QPR in the late 2000s, when millions were flowing through the corridors of Loftus Road courtesy of the big F1 consortium takeover.

The flamboyant Flavio Briatorie and his crew took over the club when they were just hours from going out of business.

What followed in the four years was nothing short of a rollercoaster ride.

Briatorie went through more managers than the club did strikers, before he was moved behind the scenes.

But the way he would watch from the directors box and decide a player should be sold on the spot for missing a chance makes for hilarious viewing.

It all ends well in the end as Neil Warnock is brought in and the hoops are promoted to the Premier League.

Those years are another story altogether.

But this four year plan, that is rarely talked about or watched, is a nailed on guide on how to not run a football club.

For three years anyway.

Sunderland Til I Die – NETFLIX

Another car crash football documentary. They make for better viewing than the top clubs, don’t you think?

Series one charts relegation to League One and the follow up season is the campaign in League One.

It is supposed to be more positive than the first, but is anything but.

No promotion, owners wanting to sell, and a very strange part owner who comes out with some very strange things.

It is a car crash, and it is sad to see really in reality because they aren’t many bigger clubs around than Sunderland.

But from Chris Coleman’s run in outside the Stadium of Light with some sharp tongued fans, to an owners awful negotiating skills when trying to sign a striker.

It has everything this one. It is enough to make a Sunderland fan raging with anger.

It is enough to make a neutral laugh and think, “I’m glad that’s not my club.”

Warnock – YOUTUBE

Love him or hate him, Neil Warnock is a staple of English football. No one can deny it.

The manager who is good enough for the Championship but not quite the Premier League.

If you listen to any player who played for him, the majority will say they loved him.

And he is a rare breed these days, of old school managers who have remained in the game and been successful.

This documentary, that is only available these days on YouTube, charts a season in the life of Warnock back in his Sheffield United days.

Many of the clips in this have been used to produce the recent mash up of Warnock and Pep Guardiola that compares their styles.

A normal, hard, demanding, old fashioned manager. Warnock has never changed.

This documentary shows that and then some. His take on a red card for Kevin Muscat in a game a Millwall is a particular highlight that many will enjoy.

Bobby Robson: Just Call Me Bobby – YOUTUBE

Find me someone who dislikes Sir Bobby Robson and I’d call them a liar.

Loved by all, respected by so many, Sir Bobby always seemed an infectious character that could never upset anyone.

I’m sure he probably could, but in his intimate documentary with his former striker Gary Linekar, we see Bobby behind the curtain during his time as manager of Newcastle United.

There’s one scene where he walks through the training ground and spends ten minutes admiring and praising the quality of the oak doors in the building.

It sounds bizarre but it shows how proud he was of every detail of his football club.

It is a great view on the great man, and shows, even in his older days, he never lost the love for it.

Coupled with this, Bobby Robson: More Than A Manager, is another sensational watch that charts the special career of the former England boss.

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