It’s like putting a plaster on a broken leg – West Brom’s problems run far deeper than any manager

It’s a tough old work is football management. Just ask Slaven Bilic.

You don’t get given a lot of leeway in this day and age. A 1-1 draw against Manchester City can’t even save you from the sack.

The euphorbia of Albion fans on Tuesday evening after their heroic point at the Etihad Stadium was swiped away by a club hierarchy so far removed from the reality of Sandwell its untrue.

West Brom have, at times this season, been hard to watch.

In a couple of choice games you might have questioned their determination and drive, especially in the two games where the folded like a cheap suit after going down to ten men.

But on the whole Albion have done okay, when you take everything into consideration.

Albion came up and spent around £34 million on new talent, but apart from a notable spend on Karlan Grant it was all on securing loan players from last season.

That isn’t being able to add to what you have, that is to keep what you had.

£34 million going into the richest league in the world is nothing. The owner has thrown this budget together and hoped for the best.

Out of Albion’s summer signings its again a loan player who is the only one to really excel if people are being honest.

Conor Gallagher has been top class and will be top class throughout his career.

But on the whole Albion’s side is near enough the same one that took them up, it is a Championship side.

You can’t go into a Premier League campaign with a Division One squad and expect to do anything else but struggle.

You can’t, and as an owner if Guochuan Lai thinks something else will happen, well then he is more removed from footballing reality than most of us Albion fans realise.

This sacking gives Albion a label that the fans don’t want, but what the club deserves. We are a sacking club.

We’ve gone through eight full time managers in ten years, and only one of them left of his own accord.

The rest have had the bullet and have never been given a chance to build something for the long term. A couple deserved the can if we’re being honest.

But for a club that has a solid base, is well run and does things off the pitch the way they should be done, we’ve got something of a scatter gun approach when it comes to managers.

Out of all the sackings in the last decade, this is without doubt the most shocking to be perfectly honest.

Bilic is doing this job blindfolded with one hand behind his back.

This season was the equivalent of being sent out on the European Tour in golf with four clubs in the bag.

He hasn’t been given a chance by Lai and the board. But the performance, the grit, the work rate, the effort in Manchester on Tuesday showed that Albion had a chance under him.

The lifespan of a manager these days is shorter than it has ever been. If you come to Albion, its even shorter.

Who would want that?

The club may be on a sound financial footing, which is more than you can say for many clubs in the country.

But problems run deeper, deeper than the players and deeper than any manager.

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