The sound of golf is the voice of Peter Alyss – the master commentator who will never be eclipsed

In different sports there are a number of voices that remind you of a certain game, or a certain goal.

The 1988 FA Cup Final between Wimbledon and Liverpool is the iconic commentary of John Motson.

Barry Davies has narrated a few memorable footballing moments, and there are other famous tones that accompany sport.

When you think of golf you think of Peter Alyss, no one else. Just Peter Alyss.

The world of golf and indeed broadcasting was saddened to hear of the death of the former Ryder Cup man at the age of 89 last week.

Aylss wasn’t a summeriser or the expert on the side, he was the big cheese, golf’s man voice for decades.

And he was one of the few rare sports commentators that can back up what they’re saying with what they’ve done.

Multiple Ryder Cup appearances and a string of tour victories are what Alyss enjoyed in his career, and he was the only person to win three consecutive tournaments on the European Tour.

Even when he was a player, his voice lent itself to a role in broadcasting and that, combined with his wit and humour meant he had a job for life in the commentary box.

A good commentator in a sport like golf, and even cricket, a sport that some fine mundane, has the ability to go off on a tangent and inject some humour into proceedings.

We see if done by the gang on Test Match Special or on Sky Cricket. When its a dull session, its the chat off the field that is the most entertaining.

Alyss could do both. An expert voice, but also one who could put his own humour and comedic value on a shot of someone eating a sandwich in the crowd.

There are probably a handful of commenators in sport history who have been able to do that, and you’d argue Alyss was in the top one.

Respected both on and off the course, you knew that win you switched on The Open or the Masters, you’d be in for a fun afternoon whatever the standard of golf on the golf course.

The word genius is a loose term these days, much like legend.

But Alyss was a genius, didn’t over talk and didn’t under talk.

He knew what to say at the right time and what needed to be said. He was a genius as well as a legend in the world of golf.

And there will never be anyone quite like him again.

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