PL Preview: The weekend of the derbies and is time almost up for Wilder?

It’s the weekend of the derbies in the Premier League this weekend.

One big one and one not so big, but equally as important.

All games have survived despite Covid scares, but who will come out of the weekend on top?

The unofficial Midlands derby – Is it really a derby?

West Brom and Villa is considered a derby, but I’m not sure whether Wolves and Villa is.

I’m sure there will still be a bit of rivalry in the air this lunchtime, even if there isn’t going to be any fans in to watch.

Wolves have been up and down so far this season and haven’t been helped by the injury to talisman Raul Jiminez.

It was great to see him up and about earlier this week, but he is out for a while now.

So Wolves will need firepower from elsewhere.

And for every big win over one of the big boys, they’ve had an equally bad result again the smaller teams.

Up and down and in a similar position to Wanderers, it could be an interesting contest this one.

Manchester Derby – Race for the Europa League?

Sixth vs seventh, that was 14th vs 16th until a few weeks ago.

On paper this is the race for the Europa League, but we’re a third of the way through the season with plenty of football left to play.

Its fair to say both clubs have got off on the wrong footing so far this term.

But one has had more criticism than the other.

There has been more Ole out than Pepe out, which is interesting.

This one won’t get any of them sacked of course, but it is a massive game for both sides.

They both need a big win, you’d probably say Solskjaer more than Pep.

But United are stronger away from home, so I’m sure United would have preferred this one to be at the Etihad being on current form.

Is Wilder’s time almost up?

I’ve asked the question and my own personal answer would probably be no.

Never before have you seen a manager so unlucky and rooted to the foot of the table having lost so many times by so fine margins.

You make your own luck of course, but they have been all out of it at Brammall Lane.

The table looks alarming. It’s a long way back for Wilder on paper, but three wins and a few dropped points above the and it turns around.

If Wilder was at any other club he’d probably be down the road by now.

But he’s loved at Sheffield United, and he knows the club and I think he knows what can get them out of this.

They need something to turn and it will.

But it could come too late to save his job.

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