Why a commercial BBC would bring live free to air sport back to millions of viewers

When this year began I didn’t think I would be spending a Friday evening in mid December writing about the BBC license fee.

But a lot of us have done things we didn’t think we’d do this year.

We’ll put it down to the year of the pandemic.

Anyway, my point on the license fee does link in to sport and it is an interesting point so bare with me.

The issue of the license fee and how the Government funds the BBC is always a hot topic.

But behind Brexit and Covid, it is a fair way down the pecking order in 2020.

However it is still relevant and will rise to the surface again soon enough.

I’ve always had a gripe with the license fee. It has never impacted me but it has impacted thousands of people around the country.

A three figure fee to watch your tele sounds mad. Do you pay a fee to use your other appliances?

Fee to wash the dishes, or to the weekly washing?

No you don’t so why should you pay a license fee to watch the tele.

Anyway, I’m a firm believer that the license fee should be scrapped. Then comes the question of impartiality and having a public funding broadcaster.

The latter is the big sticking point, but for me that doesn’t really matter.

We’re in a pandemic, the Government is spending millions hand over fist, can we really afford as a taxpayer to be funding the BBC?

Probably not, or at the very least it would be beneficial if we didn’t have to fund it.

So isn’t it the correct time to get around a table and think about the future of the BBC and to start looking at it become a commercialised channel.

On one hand it will protect jobs that are toppling like dominoes, and it will keep and even enhance a service that is arguably one of the best in the world.

Then it comes to the sport side of things.

In recent years the BBC has lost near enough every scrap of live sport to the big broadcasters.

The golf has gone, cricket went years ago. We only had Premier League this season because of the pandemic.

Okay there is the World Cup and Wimbledon, but they have to be on free to air television.

But imagine how much benefit a commercial BBC would have, and how much financial clout it would give the BBC going into live sport contract negotiations against Sky, ITV, BT and Amazon.

It would bring much loved sports back onto the screens of millions more people.

It would even out the playing field and mean that the power didn’t lie with the likes of Sky.

And in the current financial climate it would mean working class families wouldn’t have to fork out stupid money to watch their own TV!

I doubt it’ll ever work. There’s too many stuffy people at the top who like ‘tradition’, and think we should always have a public funded broadcaster.

Maybe ten years ago, but the goalposts have shifted and they have shifted even more since the pandemic.

If your a sports fan and this idea came about you should back it. You’d be stupid not to.

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