When we talk about the Premier League’s greatest ever defenders why don’t we hear the name Ricardo Carvalho?

This got me thinking a while back when the debate over Virgil Van Dijk was rumbling on.

Don’t get me wrong the Dutchman is superb, a Rolls Royce of a centre half but his honours sheet needs to grow a bit before he hits the heights of messers Terry and Vidic for example.

During that debate there was a poll over who was the best Premier League central defender ever.

You had Ferdinand, Terry, Vidic, Carragher etc. I don’t think it even had Tony Adams in it!

But one thing that struck me was another missing name, that of Ricardo Carvalho.

The Portugese central defender, for his ability and achievements should be right up there.

He was Jose Mourinho’s main centre half in Porto’s run to win the Champions League and he was quickly brought to West London with the Special One.

He stayed at Stamford Bridge for six years, played 135 games, won three Premier League titles, an FA Cup and two League Cups.

But he isn’t in this list alongside some of the greats.

It really baffled me and made me wonder why. There are other lists, polls, greatest players etc etc, that miss out other top players and successful players.

It is almost the mentality of the new, modern football fan that they think football didn’t exists before ten years ago for example.

Maybe I’m a different breed. A football nerd who looks and watches players from eras 20 to 30 years before I was born.

But someone like Carvalho should be remembered, because it isn’t in the too distant memory.

He was part of that sensational Chelsea team that was arguably one of the best, if not the best, in Premier League history.

The back four of Ferreira, Carvalho, Terry, Cole and then Cech behind them was iconic.

All of those players should be remembered as Premier League greats, not least Carvalho.

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