What has happened to celebrations? Despite all the improvements in football the art of a good celebration has died

There are always celebrations that will forever stick in your mind.

The Shearer one hand or the Robbie Keane roll, or even further back you could even have the Roger Milla celebration at the World Cup.

They’re iconic.

But celebrations are something we don’t see anymore, good ones anyway.

They’ve disappeared, the standard these days is absolutely shocking.

A Pogba and Lingard handshake, child dance is about as much as the game can muster in this day and age.

And they rarely come around with the latter hardly playing never mind scoring.

We’ve always got the memories of great celebrations, but we need them back!

Here is a look at some iconic celebrations from days gone by.

Robbie Keane

It helps when you score lots of goals. People will probably remember your celebrations a bit more then.

Keane had the cartwheel and made it is own. You almost willed him to score to whip it out.

He did it right through his career, but I am sure he won’t be doing that to celebrate a goal from his technical area.

Tim Cahill

Simple but iconic.

The Cahill celebration became one of the most loved in the Premier League for almost a decade.

The simple punch of the corner flag became synonymous with the Australian.

Peter Crouch

Who didn’t love the robot from Crouchie?

Up there with the best loved celebrations in English football, but for all the times it came out for England it was rarely seen in the Premier League.

In fact it was used by the big man just once, when he bagged his 100th Premier League goal for Stoke City.

Facundo Sava

Younger readers might not remember this absolute belter of a celebration.

But it was one of the best.

The Argentinian forward only scored six goals in 27 games for Fulham, but every time he would pull the famous mask out of the sick for his celebration.

Like Cahill, simple but iconic.

Lomana Lua Lua

Everyone loves an acrobatic celebration, and Lua Lua was one of the best.

The DR Congo international burst onto the Premier League scene with Newcastle United, but was probably more well known for his time at Portsmouth.

His acrobatic double and even sometimes triple somersault excited crowds up and down the country.

Like Sava he only pulled it out a few times as he didn’t hit the net much, but his celebration is still well known today.


Another who went to the Lua Lua school of celebrations.

The somersault and flips would always come out when Nani hit the back of the net.

His spectacular goals went hand in hand with his spectacular celebrations.

Bafétimbi Gomis

This will be remembered more by younger readers.

The Swansea forward with his monster like crawl was original, and like something never seen before.

It was scary and his eyes bulged when he celebrated in front of the fans.

But it was original, and will be remembered for a long time.

Robert Earnshaw

Most of ‘Earnie’s’ goals came in the Football League, but he still pulled out his piece of entertainment 12 times in the Premier League.

His front flip followed by a little dance or a big finish was what the little man was well known for.

Cardiff and Wales fans saw it on many occasions, and its what Earnshaw is remembered for alongside his goal scoring exploits.

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