How Brexit could aid the England national team and young English talent

Everyone is fed up of Brexit, lets be fair.

Whether you voted remain or leave or you don’t care at all, the word has cast a dark cloud of Britain for the last four years.

It is boring, no one really knows what it means even though they claim to do so.

What we do know is that it’s coming to an end, with new laws set to be enacted in January.

It will impact everything, and it will have a major impact on football in England.

But the impact could be seen as a positive, and could mean an easier pathway for young English talent.

The EFL, Premier League and the Government recently agreed a new points based system for signing overseas players.

We have heard of a points based system for people wanting to come to the UK, but what does it mean for our game?

Under the new system, English sides will not be able to sign players from overseas until they are 18.

That will have a major impact on the big clubs such as Manchester City, who flood their academies with foreign talent every year.

Then the points based system will impact both senior and talented young players.

Players will have to accumulate a certain number of points based on a number of criteria, in a bid to be eligible to sign for a British club.

The system will be based on senior and youth international appearances, the quality of the selling club based on their league, position, and progression, and the amount of club appearances and minutes the player has.

Some will say that like other things caused by Brexit, it is negative and a waste of time.

But personally, I think this is one positive that will come out of it.

For years we’ve been calling for better chances for young English talent, better pathways and ultimately a stronger senior team.

Despite calls and attempts to limit the number of foreign players in certain levels, it hasn’t worked.

Chelsea have bucked the trend a bit in recent years with the number of youngsters that have come through, but that’s only come into force because of a transfer ban.

And the irony in that is that the ban was down to the signing of a young foreign player.

This system won’t stop the best foreign players coming to England at some point.

They will have the points on the new system to come over, but not before 18.

You’d like to think before that time English youngsters were given their chance to shine and come through.

It opens up doors for them while putting the door slightly ajar for young foreign talent.

It will impact the bigger clubs more than the smaller ones, and it may just even out the playing field a little bit.

I can only see positives from this.

And you never know, it may even deliver us a national team that can actually go and win a major tournament.

Now wouldn’t that be a funny outcome of Brexit.

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