Flag in or out? What do you prefer?

The question in the headline is irrelevant at the moment because you’re not allowed to touch the flag during a round of golf.

The old Covid means you have to putt with the flag in.

But ever since the new rule about leaving the flag in came into force last year, it has bugged me and frustrated me more and more.

I was playing a round with a couple of random lads back in Jersey last year, and they were questioning why I wanted the flag out all the time.

I thought they were a bit mad and must not have played much before.

But they a work colleague explained the rules and I was a bit stunned if I’m honest.

I didn’t think such a radical change would be made in golf, and I wasn’t sure why it was.

But I was a creature of habit, and I couldn’t get used to it.

No matter how hard I tried, I wanted the flag out, it was just drummed into me.

Slowly and gradually the older I have got, the lazier I have become, so now I just leave it in.

Saves walking up to take it out I suppose. But the other day I chipped for the edge of the green and hit the flag and it cannoned away.

Had the flag not been there, it would have gone in.

I was frustrated and again questioned this new, well not so new, but newish rule about leaving the flag in.

It cost me a shot. It wouldn’t have really made a difference because I’m still s**t.

So what do others think? Good or bad change, or just a pain in the arse.

Let me know what you think down below on social media. Don’t worry, I won’t be petitioning the authorities to change anytime soon.

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