There is no excuse for the booing at Millwall’s game – if you’re trying to justify it then it probably says a lot about you as a person

Saturday should have been a celebration.

The first Saturday of the season that saw football fans return to stands should have been joyous.

It should have been a sign that the world and sport is returning to a little bit of normality.

But it was overshadowed, like many things are these days, by something that runs deeper in sport and society as a whole.

The booing by Millwall fans of the BLM taking the knee before their game with Derby County was, to put it midly, startling.

I’ve heard the lines of, its Millwall what do you expect.

Despite Millwall’s fan history, you didn’t expect this, no one did.

It is wrong on every level, and the response to it has been to condemn it for large parts.

But there is still that ‘minority’, the minority who booed on Saturday that still cast a shadow over football fans as a whole.

On social media, some of the justifications for it were just baffling.

The excuse that is always used with fans is that it is a ‘minority’. Ah okay that’s alright then, its just a minority that shame our game so we’ll just leave them to it.

That excuse can’t be peddled out anymore.

The BLM movement and the taking the knee is for a purpose, it is a stand.

The topic in question is another reminder that racism is deep rooted in sections of our game and sections of society.

Just when football makes progress, it is forced a few steps back.

Another pathetic excuse and justification for the booing was that it is political, and politics should be kept out of football.

The colour of someone’s skin is not political.

If you think what the Millwall fans did on Saturday is right then it really does say a lot about you as a person.

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