The era of the pod – here are the top five football podcasts on the market today

As you’ll probably have worked out by now, I am a massive fan of the podcast.

It can be used in so many situations and to fill so many boring hours.

Driving home from work? Stick on a pod. Going to bed? Stick on a pod?

Bored on a Sunday afternoon? Get Super Sunday on, turn down the volume so you don’t have to listen to Jamie Carragher and stick on a pod.

It is a saturated market with so much to choose from. It is like flicking through Sky not knowing what to watch.

But don’t worry. If you want to get into pods and don’t know which one to choose, then get on my guide, to the top five football podcasts on the market at the moment.

I’ll be publishing articles on various other podcasts over the coming months.

But this should help fill some boring hours over Christmas while your locked away and trying to stop the Covid spread.

Undr the Cosh

As many will know I’ve been a big advocate of the cosh boys for a while now.

It is ever since I discovered the podcast and listened to the opening Andy Griffin episode while driving down to catch a ferry to move to Jersey.

Since then I’ve been there for every hilarious anacdote that has been revealed by one of the boys or the guests.

The guests range, from top draw European cup winners to lower league non-league players no one has heard of.

And sometimes it is the latter that is actually the funniest of them all.

Launched by Jon ‘The Beast’ Parkin and the two Chris Browns (One ex professional footballer and one a comedian), it has topped the charts, sold out a tour and even welcomed one Robbie Williams onto a lockdown show.

Like I’ve said with many others and I’ll say with ones below this, it is normal lads with no broadcasting background.

That is what makes it so good and so personal to fans.

It is so personal, you can even tell which one of them is in control of the Twitter account by the tone or words they use to respond to tweets.

It is growing for the Cosh boys, and there is plenty more left in the tank.

If you’ve never heard of it, you have to get on it. Forget about conversing with the in laws at Christmas, just stick these boys on.

And if you are new and haven’t listened to any of it before, my god you are in for a treat!

Quickly Kevin Will He Score?

If you were born or lived through the 90s and wished you actually still lived there, then this is for you.

Quickly Kevin was launched by well known comic Josh Widdicombe alongside his friends Chris Scull and Michael Mardon.

The nostalgic podcast has been around for some time now, and much like Cosh it has amassed a big following.

It has boasted top 90s players, top pundits, broadcasters and famous fans or clubs who are synonymous with 90s football.

Chats range from commentators to Championship Manager players. It really is that varied.

The title comes from Kevin Keegan’s famous world cup commentary line, and the podcast is just a walk back in time.

A look at everything that was good and bad about 90s football.

They too have had live events and continue to grow.

If you want serious football anaylsis, then look further down this list.

If you want laughs about Steve Bruce’s novels (they are exceptional by the way), then this is the one for you.

Open Goal

For all the incredible work in England, the boys north of Carlisle are working wonders in the podcast world.

Open Goal, launched a few years ago by Si Ferry, the former Celtic and Swindon midfielder, has gone down well in Scotland and south of the border too.

The podcast, which involves his two mates Paul Slane and ex Scotland forward Kevin Kyle, has welcomed the best from now and then in Scottish football.

If you can tune your ears to translate some thick Scottish accents, then this is worth hours of your time.

The chat is both analytical and funny, with silly stories from the past going hand in hand with real football chat.

It is similar to Cosh in that sense, and has been able to attract top guests, some of the best players in Scotland.

Like all the others and like many in the podcasting world, their stock is growing.

They’re award winning, have held live shows and are looking forward to a huge arena show.

Their popularity up north is huge. Down south people are starting to get a hold of it.

It is worth it just for stories about Thomas Gravesen.

This is another easy listen that will fill any long gaps you’ve got in your schedule.

That Peter Crouch Podcast

Out of everything I’ve listed today this is probably the most well known and most well publicised.

That is simply because of the BBC link and the fact Crouch is one of the most well known strikers in England.

But the blend of sillyness, amateurness and proper broadcasting is what makes the pod what it is.

Out of all of the pods so far, this one probably has people with broadcasting experience.

Tom Fordyce and Chris Stark are well known in journalism and broadcasting, but prior to his pod and his blossoming broadcasting career, Crouch had never done anything like this.

But the pod has taken on a life of its own.

It is up there with the best because of the stories Crouch has revealed. Probably because of his stature he has more in the tank, but it is probably that stature that stops him telling them.

They too have done live shows, that have one down well and will, I am sure, line up more in the future.

They’ve got merchandise, ambassadors and the rest. It couldn’t have gone much better for Crouch, and as the opening credits say ‘his silly little mates’.

Guardian Football Weekly

The final pod moves away from the stupidness and looks at the serious element.

The fact Football Weekly is consistently at the top of the charts shows that it is good, one of the best.

Formerly hosted by James Richardson and now by Max Rushden, it brings together the best journalists from across Europe to talk about the football topics of the week.

It has been going now for almost 15 years, again showing its popularity.

But despite the serious side, it does have those jokey tones that we have on all the other pods listed.

There is a funnier look at the weeks action in more of a subtle way, and I think that is why this pod is as popular as most others.

It won’t be for some people, maybe those who don’t like journalists.

But for others who want more serious chat, this is the one for you.

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