Would you rather be done over by a bad on pitch refereeing decision or a bad VAR decision?

Another weekend and another VAR balls up. Getting a bit boring now isn’t it?

We were just one game into the Sunday fixture list when we were again arguing back and forth about whether VAR was right or wrong.

We also saw it on Saturday with the Manchester United ball in or out of play.

That one was startling, more startling than Sunday but it still left more questions than answers.

In the Albion Crystal Palace game there were two major talking points which pretty much summed up both sides of VAR.

Matheus Pereira has kicked out in the first half and got himself sent off after the referee went to consult the VAR monitor.

Now from my point of view the referee has it spot on, and VAR has worked well.

But the second one for an obvious push on an Albion man in the box, that should have been given as a penalty has been missed despite VAR.

Now the latter incident shows, like I’ve said before, why VAR simply does not and will not work.

The earlier incident is one that has worked, but has still left fans aggrieved because of the inconsistency of other similar incidents that haven’t led to a red card.

So it begs the question, has VAR improved the game.

If you say yes, just stop watching the game and go and watch darts or something. Football obviously isn’t for you.

And my second question is, would you rather be done over by a a dodgy refereeing decision or a dodgy VAR decision.

I can honestly say I get more angry and annoying by wrong VAR decisions than I did by wrong refereeing on pitch decisions.

When they’re made you get annoyed, then they’re gone, move on, next game.

But these decisions linger and its the inconsistency that lingers more than anything.

Comment below on social media and let me know what you prefer.

At the end of this season the governing bodies are going to have to make a choice on what happens going forward.

Because it is getting beyond a joke now.

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