The gaps will get wider and the money will talk louder because of the pandemic – football will never be what it was before

Football is money and we saw that this week.

At long last the Premier League agreed a bail out of the Football League clubs who have been the hardest hit due to the pandemic and supporter lock out.

The Premier League clubs have had to cut their riches in a bid to help the others out.

It took a while, but eventually they have done the right thing.

It shows how important money is to everything these days, and especially football.

The lifeline has been offered and that is fantastic, but in the long run will that gap become wider and wider?

Let me explain.

The gap between the top two divisions in England has always been quite large.

As we have seen with the amount of clubs that have gone on to survive in the last ten to 15 years, the gap has shortened for a time.

No longer were newly promoted clubs bankers for relegation.

But the tide my start to turn again and it is down to one reason. Money.

Take two of the bottom clubs this season. West Brom, have come up and by Premier League standards have worked on a shoe string transfer budget compared to the rest.

And it is showing, they are struggling and then some.

Then take Fulham, similar side. Haven’t spent big and are down the bottom.

Granted clubs can pour money into going for it and fail like Fulham did the last time they graced the top flight.

However, nine times out of ten you survive when you spend.

Then look at the Championship. An exciting league full of ups and downs and quality.

This year the goals ratio is at its lowest for decades. No longer the excitement it once was.

With no TV money, or not as much in the second tier, the other sources of income have dried up.

Most Championship clubs run at a loss with supporters in the ground. Without them that loss grows.

How deep will owners pockets go and how hard will the pandemic and fan lock out hit?

The money in the Premier League and certainly the upper reaches of the division will still remain because the TV deal is still so big.

Some clubs will have to cut their cloth accordingly, but what they will mean is a more interesting and varied title race.

Below that in the division, there will be even more emphasis on who is willing to gamble and spend the most.

Then into the Championship, it is about who can put a side together to jump that even larger gap.

That gap will keep getting larger and the impacts of the pandemic will continue to hit hard.

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