In the current climate the EA image rights row is disgusting

The financial situation in the UK at the moment is grim for many.

Whether it be the average working person or a sports club, everyone is feeling the pinch.

We’ve seen the good side of the game this week, with the Premier League finally agreeing a bail out package for the rest of the Football League.

But we’ve also seen the bad, greedy side of the game.

While people struggle to make ends meet, the fact that millionaire footballers are hitting out at a gaming company for using their images without paying them is nothing short of disgusting.

The is the ugly side of the game.

These players are being paid massive amounts of money, and I’ve never been against players earning big sums.

They’re in a sport that commands big money and if clubs are willing to pay them top money then fair enough.

But to all of a sudden push for more money in this manner is a complete joke.

Last month Zlatan Ibrahimovic claimed online that EA Sports have been making a profit on his name and face for years.

The players body, FIFPro, has a mandate to sell names and likeness rights on behalf of every player.

It has always been the same, licenses are acquired from the governing body of the game.

Zlatan hit back again and his sentiments were echoed by Gareth Bale, who is reported to be earning around £400,000 a week during his loan spell at Spurs.

In any other climate it would be labelled as greedy and a bit out of order.

But in the middle of a pandemic, when people are losing jobs and money, makes it a disgrace.

And why now? This should have been discussed years ago.

Football will always be a rich game, because of its global popularity.

But aren’t players rich enough without having to throw a fit and demand more money for their images.

As expected, hundreds of other players are looking into this. Or should I say their agents, looking for a big pay day and a quick buck.

If it changes, EA will be forking out some big sums directly to players.

Aside from that though, this leaves a bitter, bitter taste.

Think of the Spurs supporting Dad who can’t afford to take his children to a game anymore because he’s lost his job.

He is now resigned to watching Bale and co on tele, with Bale chasing even more millions because of his image.


What is the old saying? Rich people just want to get richer.

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