T20 or Test? – And do we really need The Hundred?

For the cricket fan who isn’t really a cricket fanatic, T20 is quite obviously the most popular form of the game.

It is everywhere. Franchise cricket is now what brings the money to the players wallets.

It is everywhere and it keeps getting bigger and bigger and bigger.

And next year England, which is avoided the franchise element of the game is now moving into that ball park with The Hundred.

But is it really needed and is it just moving the focus away from what is arguably the purest form of the game, the test match.

It has been a long argument that has gone on for years.

We had ODIs, then T20s and now this.

On the one hand if I was a player then great, I’d be taking every opportunity that came to me from these franchise forms of the game.

A career in professional sport is short so you get whatever money you can get your hands on to set you up for life after the game.

But on the other hand, as a player would you rather represent your country at international test level or play franchise cricket.

All formats of the game have impacts on others, that is without question.

But the argument I’m trying to put across is that there has to be a balance.

Currently the test match is king. It is what the die hard cricket fans prefer and it is, I would think, what many players prefer.

Then we have the ODIs and T20s, an area in which England have excelled in recent years.

Surely that is a fine enough balance, without having to dump The Hundred, a shorter form of the game, into the mix.

The reason behind The Hundred is particpation, getting more people involved in the game.

But the exploits of England and one Ben Stokes have surely done enough to boost participation in the game.

Much like the 2005 Ashes winners did for one generation, Stokes’ exploits in the World Cup and The Ashes helped to bring a host more youngsters into the game.

So why The Hundred? Why bring in something that will saturate the cricket market and take people’s interest away from the traditional forms of the game.

It will stretch the game, and in the end make it unbalanced.

The three formats of the game currently have it well balanced. The introduction of The Hundred will just make the game uneven.

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