The acquisition of Peter Moore shows Wrexham isn’t just going to be a play thing for the Hollywood A Listers

Since the takeover of Wrexham by Rob McElhenney and Ryan Reynolds was announced there has been an awful lot of fanfare.

But for all that positivity, there have been a lot of doubters.

The topics from those doubters have been about the National League club just being a play toy for these mega rich millionaires.

Others have asked what do the pair know about running a non-league club in England.

And some insisted that they need the right people involved to help run a famous old football club.

But I think those doubters were silenced some what when McElhenney announced on social media this weekend that they were bringing in former Liverpool CEO Peter Moore.

Moore, who stepped down from his role at Anfield in July, was rumoured to be taking on the role as chief executive at the Racecourse.

As it transpired, he will now act as an advisor to the Hollywood pair.

But still, what an appointment to be making on the back of a whirlwind two months for the football club.

Moore’s record speaks for itself. Success in business with Sega, Microsoft and EA before moving into the football world with Liverpool in 2017.

In his time at Anfield he oversaw the success in the Champions League and the Premier League.

Now you can’t put playing ability and success on the green stuff solely down to a successful CEO.

But it does help and Moore’s success in his three or so years with the Anfield club speaks for itself.

So to bring someone like that down to a level such as the National League can be seen as nothing short of a massive success.

Granted the Hollywood pair probably had next to no knowledge of the ins and outs of the English game going into this takeover.

But with Moore now in the wings, they’ve bolstered their ranks tremendously.

It’s probably as big as signing a star striker as far as Wrexham fans are concerned.

Added to that he used to follow the club and previous has been a PE teacher in Llangollen, so the local link is very much there.

And most of all it puts to bed those doubters who have said Wrexham is just a play thing for these two super rich A listers.

The signing of Moore underlines that just isn’t the case.

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