Talksport’s chat is usually harmless whether you agree with it or not – but Deeney’s concussion comments are dangerous

If you’re a football fan and listen to the radio you know what type of content comes from Talksport.

It has a lot of good, in depth chat but for all that there is an element of people saying things for a reaction.

It’s clever, it brings in listeners and creates debate.

A lot of it is harmless, if you agree with it fine if you don’t well it’s just an opinion.

But the comments that came from new regular pundit Troy Deeney on Monday morning stepped the wrong side of the invisible line.

With the chat on the topic of David Luiz continuing after a clash of heads on Sunday night, Deeney weighed in and said players can’t do anything these days, and there should be more trust between the player and the doctor of a club.

He also basically said that a player knows his own body.

Like some have said, maybe that is the case for an ankle injury or a knock but when it comes to a head injury, I’m almost certain a doctor knows a lot more than a player.

His comments have attracted critisism from across the footballing world and so they should.

The fact his comments have come in the weeks after the main topic in the game has been concussion and head injuries makes the situation worse.

The safety of players is paramount and with the impact with regards to brain and head injuries it is more important than it has ever been.

For Deeney to come out and speak about the issue the way he has is just irrisponsible.

He puts some great points across on Talksport and people have taken to him since he took up the role.

But what he has done is dismiss the expert skills of medical staff and make the issue smaller than it actually is.

A lot of stuff that comes from the airwaves of Talksport is just hot air, but this is dangerous hot air.

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