The Scottish Trio – two former Celtic midfielders and an ex Scotland international taking the podcast world by storm

As I explained in a previous article, I think podcasts and in particular football podcasts are one of the things I can’t live without.

They’re up there with food and running water in my life these days.

Earlier this month I heaped praise on the team behind Undr the Cosh podcast, which has grown and grown to the point where the three men involved now have a huge following.

A recent pod from the boys with former Celtic midfielder Si Ferry has pointed me in the direction of his own podcast.

Open Goal, launched three years ago, has ingrained itself in the Scottish football scene and has sprung Ferry, and his sidekick Paul ‘Slaney’ Slane into the public eye.

Ferry enjoyed a solid career in the game, with much of his time spent in England.

Slane, signed by Celtic from Motherwell, never hit the heights he should have done due to a string of devastating injuries.

Both are still involved in the game in some capacity, but it is their antics on the camera and on their podcast that are helping them to become well known outside of the Scottish football scene.

We’ve had so many characters south of the border. We don’t see them as much these days, but we’ve had mad players who are unbelievable characters.

But nothing in the modern era compares to Slane.

Just a look at his best bits from the podcast show how mad the former winger actually is.

Ferry too is a man full of stories and accents enough to make you belly laugh for hours.

But alongside former Scottish international Kevin Kyle, the talk isn’t just silly chat and stupid antics.

Both, along with Kyle and the raft of top level guests they’ve attracted get into the depths of Scottish football and the wider game as well as digging the dirt on funny and untold stories.

Much like the Cosh boys south of the border they have built up a cult following, been on tour and were due to play the SEC Arena in Scotland earlier this year.

Due to the Covid situation that has been pushed back.

The boys have also been among the awards, picking up a top podcast gong in the past for the entertainment and serious football chat.

Much like Cosh, it has that balance that keeps you both laughing and intrigued.

I almost feel guilty myself that I haven’t discovered this podcast before now, but thanks to Ferry’s appearance on Cosh I’ve finally made my way there.

And as someone who likes to share sporting content, I want as many people south of the border to listen in and see what is going on up north.

Both for me are up there as the best in the business, and the best thing about it is what they all had next to no broadcasting experience going into it.

That is what fans want, honest, funny and real football chat.

It has led to others popping up all over the place and it will continue to do so, but they’ll do well to top these two productions.

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