It made for uncomfortable viewing but Des Kelly stood up when other reporters wouldn’t have

At times on Saturday the interview between Des Kelly and Jurgen Klopp made for uncomfortable viewing.

There are so many things than are wrong about it from Klopp’s continued swipe at the broadcaster to the Liverpool manager failing to let Kelly put his point across.

Outright blaming BT for the injury of one of his players was a bad move in the first place.

Many other reporters would have swept over Klopp’s original comment and they would have been well within their right to.

Why should a manager’s ill temper be directed at a broadcaster who is simply doing his job.

But Kelly stood his ground when others wouldn’t have. He didn’t have to but he took the Liverpool manager to task over his ill judged comment.

For fans watching the footage it made for entertaining viewing, but it was uncomfortable to watch and shouldn’t have been played out on camera.

So fair play to Kelly for standing his ground and putting his point across so respectfully.

On one hand, I’m sure many football fans can understand where Klopp is coming from as his injury list continues to pile up.

That is a given, any manager is going to be frustrated.

But as Kelly explained, it is the clubs and the Premier League who agree what slots are there to be filled for the rest of the season.

As a manager if you don’t like them, complain by all means. But complain to the right people, your club executives or the Premier League.

Don’t go for the cheap shot at the broadcaster who is simply doing his job.

Those slots have been agreed between the clubs and the league, that is the first point.

Second point, that slot is worth millions to the broadcasters. So quite rightly from a business point of view the broadcasters want the best clubs in that slot to drive the most revenue.

Facility fees, the money given to clubs for each game they have televised amounted to £31 million for Liverpool last season.

That is a significant amount towards Klopp’s transfer budget and the club as a whole.

So on the face of it, Klopp’s outburst on Saturday is almost biting the hand that feeds him.

Now I understand, this is an unusual season and maybe the Premier League and the clubs should have looked at changing the current rules or criteria when it comes to 12.30pm kick offs after a Champions League week.

I understand that, but there are so many reasons why Klopp’s outburst is not only ill thought out but also directed at the wrong people.

He needs to look a bit closer to home and remember where a lot of the revenue comes from.

And this might be a season where circumstances differ from other campaigns.

But he isn’t the first manager to suffer an injury crisis and he most certainly will not be the last.

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