Fans for some and not for others – is that really fair?

Football is nothing without fans and the announcement last week that fans can return to grounds was long overdue.

How fans haven’t been allowed into huge stadiums at a reduced capacity already is beyond me.

Anyway, we’re here now.

But questions are still left to be answered, much like they were in football and sport as a whole during the pandemic.

It’s all well and good fans being allowed in now, but is it fair that some can have 4,000, others 2,000 and others no one at all.

Admittedly unless you’re in Cornwall then you can’t have 4,000.

But on the face of it, is it fair to have 2,000 fans in at Liverpool who are in tier two while Manchester City, who sit in tier three, can’t have any fans.

The Premier League is probably not the best example, because 2,000 in a stadium the size of Anfield will barely touch the sides in terms of atmosphere.

Take the National League. Altrincham can’t have any fans in but Torquay can, is that fair?

This question hasn’t really been raised in amongst the hysteria of fans returning to grounds.

And for a small part you can’t blame clubs and good luck to them. Empty and soulless stadiums are crying out for the return of fans.

But should it be fair? In the summer we had arguments about how to conclude the seasons and what was fair on all parties.

Surely this isn’t fair on all parties?

If one can have fans in, so should the others. But if the Government’s tight Covid guidelines don’t allow for it then should all fans be barred until then.

Some clubs have already said the limited return of supporters will in the long run end up costing more.

A balance again has to be met and the authorities will have to decide whether the return of fans to grounds is above fairness across the board.

That is the question.

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