Rashford’s is undeniably a hero – but is SPOTY the correct award for him?

Marcus Rashford is the hero of the year for many children and many families around the country.

He’s used his status for good, and brought food onto struggling families plates and helped make the world a bit of a better place.

He’s been honoured by the palace and is now in the running for the BBC Sports Personality of the Year.

With the bookies he currently sets second favourite at 5/2 to pick up the award next month.

Rashford’s success in single handedly making the Government admit defeat over free school meals really does deserve to be highlighted and rewarded.

But is the Sports Personality of the Year award really the right accolade?

Would handing it to Rashford for efforts off the pitch call into question what the award is actually all about?

The BBC has had to defend calls such as this one before.

In the description for the award, it states: “The winner is the sportsperson, judged by a public vote, to have achieved the most that year.”

If you take that as it is, Rashford is a sportsman and he has arguably achieved the most this year.

But not on the pitch.

Lewis Hamilton’s achievement in F1, equally the previous record for the Driver’s Championship puts him as the bookies favourite and on sporting merit, you’d think he should take the crown.

But with the award being a public vote as it has always been, there is a chance that Rashford will scoop the prize.

Personally I would have no problem with that, but surely it would call into question what the award is all about.

In years to come could we see sports men or women who have had an average year in their field, but have helped so many people away from sport winning the award, above multiple gold medal winners?

That could be a possibility. You could be far and away that best British sportsperson that year, but still be pipped to the end of year title.

The fact Rashford is being talked about in terms of being a winner isn’t his fault, and he certainly didn’t help children eat in a bid to win SPOTY.

But if he does win the organisers could be left with a few questions to answer.

As I said at the top of the article, he does deserve to be rewarded for his remarkable efforts.

On the back of his work this year, maybe its time to create another award that looks at the charity work or work in society that sports men and women have done in that year.

It would banish these sorts of arguments in the future, and create another award to add to the list of prizes.

I’d like to think the BBC would look into this. It would help to unearth the good work that goes on year in year out away from sport, and showcase stories we may never hear of otherwise.

And it would leave the main award to be based on sporting merit.

If that happens this year remains to be seen but if you were Hamilton and you didn’t win this year, you be left thinking what else can you do.

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