Disrespect shown to managers on the so called ‘merry-go-round’ is unjust – their records speak for themselves

When a manager gets the can in the Premier League these days, we don’t see the same names touted like we used to.

If a side in the mid to bottom half of the league got rid of their boss, it was the same names that would come up.

Big Sam, Tony Pulis, Steve Bruce, Nigel Pearson and Roy Hodgson but to name a few.

But in the last year or two that hasn’t been the case. The odds list for new managers is littered with overseas coaches with exotic names, some who have next to no experience in the top flight.

Not that this is a bad thing, some of those managers may come in to a Premier League club and work wonders.

Equally, there are British coaches up and down the pyramid who I am sure would thrive under the pressure of the Premier League.

But my point is there is a hint of disrespect shown to managers who have been placed on the so called ‘merry-go-round’.

Sometimes people do get fed up of seeing these managers touted every time there is a sacking.

And there should be a pathway for younger coaches who have cut their teeth to be given a chance in the big leagues.

But they’re managers with good careers and good records to back that up. Yes they have a blot or two on their careers but who doesn’t.

It is so easy to critisice in the game these days, but for the large majority of these merry-g-round managers they have more positive on their CV than negative.

Take Big Sam Allardyce for example. If you look down his CV for you only have to know by glancing at it that he’s done more good than bad.

He took Bolton into the top eight and the UEFA Cup, just a handful of years after promotion from what was then the First Division.

Newcastle didn’t go so well but he stabalised Blackburn Rovers, had a solid few years with West Ham and kept Sunderland up when it looked for all the world like they were going down.

At Crystal Palace he brought in a raft of players who are still doing well for the club today and did a solid job.

He then took Everton to eighth, better than what has been achieved by some other managers in the past.

He has the downside of the ill fated spell with England, but largely Allarydce’s managerial career in the top flight has been a big success.

But he is looked at as not good enough, not worthy of a position at a club, but the statistics to back that just don’t add up.

Tony Pulis is a manager distinctively known for his direct style of play but in spells at Stoke and West Brom his side’s played some great stuff.

He took Stoke to the Premier League and kept them there against the odds, before working wonders at Crystal Palace where he scooped Manager of the Season.

Then at West Brom his spell was largely successful. He brought players to the club like Manchester United’s Jonny Evans and Darren Fletcher who would never have so much given Albion a second look before hand.

His time at the club didn’t end well but you could argue he would have kept Albion up. Instead he went, and they had to settle for two years down in the Championship.

Nigel Pearson has a solid record. He took Leicester up and stayed up with them against the odds.

He would have kept Watford in the top flight but for an idiotic owner.

Roy Hodgson, a man who has won titles in a raft of countries is thought of badly because of a poor season at Liverpool and an underperforming England side in the Euros.

Aside from that, he has done well wherever he has gone.

He took little old Fulham to the final of the Europa League and continues to do a terrific job year after year at Crystal Palace.

And David Moyes, a man who broke the top four mould with Everton when no one thought it was possible.

He took them into the Champions League and transformed the club, before his infamous spell at Manchester United.

99 per cent of those going in after Sir Alex Ferguson would have failed, that has been said by almost every pundit and expert in the game.

He tried to save a sinking Sunderland ship that had a massive hole in it from relegation, but he couldn’t work his magic.

He kept West Ham up in his first spell, although admittedly he was expected to do more.

And now he’s back in the hot seat and as we have seen this season he is working wonders.

But these names are brushed aside by fans without a second thought when their manager gets sacked.

Granted outside the top seven or eight these guys rightly wouldn’t be considered.

But further down a lot of these names could still do a job.

However because of a couple of black dots in their record books fans think they should be thrown on the scrap heap.

We all know the game and fans are so fickle these days. Too fickle to look back and see what has actually been achieved sometimes.

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