WEIRD OF THE WEEK – Fans compensated for ’emotional distress’ caused by Ronaldo no show

We’ve all been to games as kids where we wanted to see our favourite player and he’s been left on the bench, or maybe only got on for a few minutes.

You’d tell your Dad after how upset you were, have a bit of a moan and that was it.

But for a set of South Korea fans, a moan after the game wasn’t enough.

Back in 2019, Juventus travelled to the country for an exhibition match against a team of K League all stars.

The game finished 3-3, however the scoreline wasn’t the talking point.

Cristiano Ronaldo, the star turn wherever he goes was never introduced from the bench to the disgust and anger of the 65,000 sell out crowd.

They showed their dismay in the ground, but it wasn’t until the dust had settled that the real force of their anger was realised.

Match promoter The Fasta was in the firing line for promoting the fact that the five time Ballon D’or winner would be playing.

A group of 162 unhappy fans took their complaints all the way to the top, with the Seoul Central District Court ordering the promoter to refund half the price of a ticket and an additional $45 to each plaintiff.

“The defendant has contractual obligations of Ronaldo playing in the game barring any unforeseen circumstances,” the court said, according to South Korea’s Yonhap news agency.

It was said in court that the fans had suffered ‘”emotional distress” from not seeing Ronaldo play.

The K League accused Juventus of deception, while one fan flew to Sweden to try and confront his hero.

But wait, it gets better.

Following the star’s no show, people online in the country coined the phrase “acting like Ronaldo”, which means someone who doesn’t live up to their promises.

The tale is up there easily as the most weird story to come out of the world of football this week.

Fair play to the supporters for taking it as far as they did. I for one wouldn’t like to “act like Ronaldo” with them in the future.

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