PL review – Reliance on Fernandes, Pepe stupidity plus the Spurs and Mourinho title challenge

It was back to the Premier League this weekend and it certainly didn’t disappoint with talking points left, right and centre.

Here are a few of the things we were left to think about

United’s over reliance on Fernandes could be dangerous

It’s fair to say Manchester United’s performance against West Brom was underwhelming from a fans point of view.

But for VAR and some dodgy refereeing decisions Solskjaer’s men may have had to settle for a point, maybe even nothing.

One thing we did see more than anything was how reliant United are on Bruno Fernandes.

It is becoming uncreasingly more evident as the weeks go on.

Everything United did well in the game against Albion went through the Portugese midfielder.

There is no doubting he is a top, top player.

But the problem with relying too heavily on one individual to make your team tick is that when they’re injured, where’s the plan B?

If he’s injured or hits a dip in form, its hard to see where the other creavity flare comes from at Old Trafford.

Idiotic Pepe

Footballers do go down too easily in the modern era.

One touch they’re over, but if you do anything that resembles violent conduct you’re stupid.

If you do it now when cameras are pointing at every part of every player, then you’re just completely idiotic.

The fact Pepe moved his head into Alioski’s in the Leeds and Arsenal draw, and expected to get away with it, was laughable.

Players should know more than anyone this year that they cannot do that, they will get found out.

Pepe’s misdemeanor wasn’t even subtle.

The Leeds winger has made the most of it, but he’s almost entitled to when Pepe acts in such a stupid way.

Arsenal may have gone on to grind a point out in the end, but if their forward wasn’t so rash it could have been all three.

Poor old penalty Fulham

You can’t help but feel sorry for Fulham after another penalty mishap.

Scott Parker must have been tearing his hair out when Lookman attempted a panenka penalty at West Ham, costing his side a point.

And when Ivan Caveleiro slipped in his run up and fired over the bar on Sunday, all he could do was bemoan his luck.

It was almost as if the former Wolves winger was too eager to get things over with.

Parker can set up his side well, hard to beat, compact, sharp on the break.

But he cannot legislate for that, for a moment of madness that costs your side a route back into the game.

It must be the most frustrating feeling a manager can have. Much like a glaring defensive error.

Continued defeats will cost him his job somewhere along the line, but when the defeats come because of moments like that its hard to take.

Spurs for the title?

When Jose Mourinho got the job at Spurs, many people doubted him.

Personally I thought at some point he would turn them into a force, because that is what he does.

He is a serial winner and he doesn’t know anything else.

It has taken a bit of time but Mourinho now has Spurs purring. He’s even got Gary Neville comparing parts of Harry Kane’s play to Zinidine Zidane. Make of that what you will.

But they’re free flowing, solid in certain areas and in Kane and Son have too of the sharpest finishers in the top flight.

There is still plenty of football left to play, but you’d be a fool to dismiss Spurs now.

You’ve got the age old jokes, bottlers, they’ll bottle it they always do.

Spurs may have done that in the past, but there is a difference this time. They have a winner in charge.

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