A complaint against Roy Keane for branding a player ‘an idiot’ – Is that really what the game has come to?

If you’ve played at any level of football, whether it on a Sunday morning or in the Premier League, you’ve almost certainly received a dressing down at some point.

You’ve been called various names, called s**t, this, that and the other, it has always happened and it always will.

From what we hear when footballers speak about changes in football, it maybe happens less these days.

But still it happens, footballers are thick skinned, they can cope with criticism.

So I was somewhat surprised, actually speechless, when I discovered that Manchester City had registered a complaint with Sky Sports over Roy Keane.

Keane launched a scatching attack on Kyle Walker in the recent City/Liverpool clash, calling the full back an idiot for the way he gave away a penalty.

Now idiot might have been off the mark, but it is hardly a dirogatory term. For Keane, it’s probably quite tame.

The term idiot would have probably been more apt when referring to his lockdown parties and rule breaking earlier in the year!

According to the national media the comments from the former Manchester United captain have now been met with an official complaint by Manchester City.

Currently Sky Sports have declined to comment on the complaint, but they have regularly stated in the past that pundits are there to express their own individual opinions.

As far as I’m concerned that is as far as it should go. The complaint in itself is laughable.

If he’s come out with a highly personal and derogatory term, or directed a comment towards say a family member of the player’s, then far enough.

Then he should be reprimanded.

But for a club to complain to the league about one of their players being called an idiot by a pundit, no matter who that pundit may be, is ludicrous.

It borders on clubs trying to censor what is said about their players.

I’m not saying Keane is right in his criticism of the England full back, who has been backed up by numerous players since the comments emerged.

But to have a club go and complain to the league because they didn’t like a comment from pundit.

Do me a favour, this is Premier League elite level football not under nines stuff.

Hopefully this doesn’t lead to other clubs trying to do the same thing.

We have some awful pundits out there who come out with some absolute drivel, but stopping them expressing opinion is bordering on suppressing freedom of speech.

I hope that complaint ended up right where it belongs, in the bin.

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